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Skeletal System
By: Ainsley Matz
Teacher’s Page
 Welcome class!!! Our next topic in science is the
human body! On our first stop we are starting from
the inside out with the bones!!! When we put all the
bones together we have the skeletal system! In
today’s web quest we are going to explore
interesting facts and the importance of the skeletal
 Today we are going to be doctors trying to figure
out what is going on in the skeletal system. We will
look at how many bones someone should have,
what are major bones, what are bones made up of,
what else is needed for bones to move?
 Skeletal System this is to introduce some basic
knowledge of the skeletal system to help refresh us
from med school.
 Label me!!! Use this site to help label your
 What are bones made of? Go to this site and
investigate what bones are made of and if they are
 What happens if we break a bone? Write 3
important things that we should remember when
we break a bone.
 Compare your skeleton to the skeleton of a frog at
Virtual Frog Dissection Kit: The Whole Frog.
 Joints? What are they? What do they do? Explore
these joints to learn what the different joints are and
 For fun!!! Mr. Bones
 Now that you are finished take this quiz. Once you
have answered the question on last page, go to file
print to show your results.
 Teacher will grade the worksheets that were
 Teacher will also record results of quiz at the end of
the web quest.
 Also teacher will note if students managed their
time efficiently.
 Now that you have completed your basic training of
the skeletal system you should be able to know how
a body moves. The bones are not the only thing that
helps the body move… on our next adventure we
will explore the muscles and how they work with
the bones to move us!!!!!
Teachers Page
 Must have flash player for activity to work!
 Print out a copy of blank human skeleton.
 This web quest is a great opportunity for third grade
students to get up and use different resources to gain
knowledge. Studies have shown that children learn the
best when they are actively learning and this is a great
tool for the students to explore. Also this is a bit open
ended and allows students to ask questions. Everyday
children use their bones now they will know how!
 3.3.4.B. Know that living things are made up of parts that have
specific functions.
 Students will be able to explain how bones are important.
 Students will be able to compare how human skeletons are
similar to frogs
 Students will be able to group major bones into their areas on
the body
 Students will be able to apply their new knowledge to a
diagram of the human skeleton.