The perfect way to record food and life experiences. Writing, sharing

Culinary Life Review
For Meal and Intergenerational Programs
The Culinary Life Review
•To encourage older adults to converse;
•To give caregivers, both family and professional, easy
access to interesting and engaging reminiscence;
Recipe and
•To create therapeutic atmosphere for life review;
•To attract older adults and family members to meal
programs and presentations on nutrition and foster the
dissemination of nutritional materials.
The perfect way to record food
and life experiences.
This program simply requires that a scribe or helper
engage an older adult in talking about their favorite recipes
and the story behind them. The scribe then writes down
the recipe and the story according to a protocol set out at
Writing, sharing and
preserving the food, eating and
kitchen events of life.
The material gathered by the scribe is
submitted on line at, and
becomes part of the Golden Cuisine
Cookbook, free of charge.
Intergenerational and
Marika Stone recalls that her mother, Eileen
Barrington inherited this recipe from her
Scottish friend…
When my mother spent her
winters in Palm Springs, CA,
she would collect fruit from
the trees and make dozens
of jars of marmalade to give
as gifts. We dubbed it
I now make this every
holiday season.