How does understanding conflict
help you understand a short story?
PA @ 71
Do Now
• Why are they fighting?
• Why do they dislike each other?
Internal conflict
• An internal conflict is
where a character faces
an internal struggle
with their own thoughts
and emotions.
• For example, June’s
conflict about her
mother’s advice and her
need to stop the bully.
External conflict
• An external conflict is where a character faces a
struggle with an outside person or force.
• There are three kinds of external conflict:
– Character vs. character – two characters in
disagreement with each other.
– Character vs. society – character going against the
laws or customs of the society or community. (e.g.
outlaws, criminals, protesters, etc.)
– Character vs. nature – characters going against
different elements of nature. (e.g. Bear Grylls in the
show Man vs. Wild)
Name two external conflicts and two internal conflicts going on in
this picture. Use evidence from the picture and the movie itself.
In your CodeX book:
• Read pages 15-17 of “Tuesday of the Other
• Answer questions 11 and 16 in your CA
• Turn to a partner to discuss your answers
when your done.
Exit Slip
• Name two conflicts (external and internal)
faced by June in “Tuesday of the Other June.”
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