Group Chapter Presentations

Comm 101 Group Chapter Presentations
Your group of randomly selected individuals will be assigned a chapter. The task of your group is to
present the key concepts and ideas from the chapter to the class for their understanding and discussion.
At a minimum, the core chapter concepts must be explained and discussed. A higher grade will
incorporate textbook concepts into activities, exercises, discussion and bring in related information and
materials linked to the chapter from outside sources. In taking an active role in the classroom
education, your group will essentially be the classroom instructors for that chapter.
Be creative, think of ways to involve your fellow students in the learning process and discussion, and
have fun. Your group presentation should last AT LEAST one full class period, with the likelihood of
good discussion/activities perhaps carrying over to another class period. We will be flexible with our
classroom time during the week of your chapter presentation, and if you have concerns or questions
you may contact me.
Some items to consider:
Twenty-five (25) points of this project are based upon your individual effort. Your individual
grade sheets are due the day of the presentation at the start of class. If you do not turn in
this sheet on the day of the presentation, your individual grade will be a zero.
Seventy-five (75) points of this assignment are a group grade based upon your classroom
presentation. If you are not present all of the days of the group presentation, you will
receive neither the group nor the individual grade and will receive a zero on the project.
In case a group member does not show during the group presentation, the group as a whole
must step in and cover the missing student’s material in such a manner that the audience would
not know that a member of the group is missing. In other words, all group members must be
prepared to cover all aspects of the group’s material. I will not entertain the fact that a group
member did not show as justification for a poor group presentation.
Conflicts may arise amongst the group during preparation for the presentation. This is a normal
part of group development and is a part of the learning process. Handle your conflicts in an
adult manner. It is the responsibility of the group to handle these conflicts and to not allow
them to influence the group’s performance.
Remember to engage your audience in the learning process; while you may present ideas for
discussion, try to avoid an hour of lecture (I could have easily lectured for an hour on the
chapter---and how fun is that?). YOU CANNOT EACH READ OFF OF A PIECE OF PAPER
THAT COVERS YOUR MATERIAL! This is not a manuscript speech!!!
It is very likely that your group will need to meet several times outside of class to complete this
assignment. If your group focuses on the task at hand, the number of meetings outside of class
can be minimized.
Contact me with any other concerns or ideas.
Your chapter is_____________ and your presentation will begin on___________________.
Your fellow group members are:
Contact Information:
Individual Group Grade Form for Group Chapter Presentation (Due on Day of Presentation)
Class____________ Chapter_____________
Self Assessment:
I missed _____ group meetings.
I was late or left early to ________group meetings.
On a scale of 1-25 (1 low, 25 high) I feel that my contribution to the group was a _________ and I believe
that my group role was ____________ (see pages 277-279).
As a group member, I was responsible for:
Assessment of Other Group Members
Number Number of
Name of
Contribution to the
Group on a Scale of
Meetings Late/Left
1 (low)-25 (high)
Responsible for the
Following Items
Group Role
(see pages