Development Review Game

Crystallized intelligence
 Doris
knows all of the state
capitals but has trouble learning
a new computer program. What
type of intelligence does Doris
Neural networks
 The
immaturity of an infant’s
nervous system is best
demonstrated by the lack of
what in the infant’s brain?
 Harry
disapproves of stealing
jelly beans from his sister’s
Easter basket because he thinks
his mother will spank him if he
does. What level of morality is
Harry demonstrating?
Through a series of stages
 How
did Piaget think a child’s
mind developed?
Object permanence
 The
awareness that things
continue to exist even when they
are not perceived is known as
Common cold, flu
 What
illnesses are older people
not as susceptible to?
Children develop faster than Piaget
 What
does current research
suggest about Piaget’s stages of
cognitive development?
Nonnourishing cloth mother
 Which
“mother” did the Harlow
monkeys prefer – the nourishing
wire mother or the
nonnourishing cloth mother?
 What
is a concept or framework
that is used to organize and
interpret information?
 What
kinds of parents are
demanding but sensitive and
responsive to their children?
three-month old child is obviously
startled by the first ring of a
telephone, but with each following
ring, the child seems to become less
reactive. What process does this
Gender role
 What
is the term for one’s sense
of being male or female?
 According
to Erik Erikson,
children with a secure
attachment to their parents are
likely to achieve what “goal”?
 The
first time that 4-year old
Sarah saw her older brother play
a flute, she thought it was
simply a large whistle. Sarah’s
initial understanding of the flute
best illustrates what process?
 According
to Kohlberg, morality
based on a desire to uphold the
laws of society is a characteristic
of what stage?
 What
form of development did
Piaget study?
 Even
though she risked arrest,
Rosa Parks refused to give up
her seat and move to the back of
the bus. Rosa Parks was
displaying what level of moral
Infantile amnesia
 Poor
memory for early life
experiences results from what
psychological phenomenon?
 When
Tommy’s mother hides his
favorite toy under a blanket, he
acts as though it no longer exists
and makes no attempt to
retrieve it. According to Piaget,
Tommy is at the beginning of
what stage?
 Alex
now realizes that his
stereotypical view of women as
weak is not accurate and so
revises his beliefs. What process
is he demonstrating?
Identity vs. role confusion
 According
to Erikson, what
conflict are adolescents coping
 Judy’s
mom cuts her hot dog
into 6 pieces and her sister
Sylvia’s into 8 pieces. Judy cried
because she thought she wasn’t
getting as much hot dog as her
sister. What principle doesn’t
Judy understand?
Facelike image
 In
which of the following would a
newborn show the greatest
 rectangular shape
 circular shape
 bull’s-eye pattern
 facelike image
 mirrored surface?
Fluid intelligence
 What
type of intelligence refers
to a person’s ability to reason
speedily and abstractly?
 What
kinds of parents make few
demands of their children and
use little punishment?
Genes or Nature
 Infant
twins typically begin
walking on nearly the same day.
This demonstrates the role of
what in development?