January 7, 2014 Homework


Homework: Read pages 58-61 in textbook,

Finish Vocab sheet- if not finished in class


Write Down Homework

Take out last nights homework (Cornell Notes


Begin Completing Do Now Question on page

56 in notebook:

-Why does pumping more air into a basketball increase the pressure inside the ball?

The greater the number of gas particles inside the basketball

Means more particles are moving and colliding inside the ball,

Which means more are pushing on the sides of the ball ( container), which increases the outward push of the gas.

Results in increased pressure.

What conditions can affect the volume of a gas?

The temperature and pressure of a gas and the volume of the container it is in.

Look at Figure 14 on page 56:

How is the Helium in the tank different from the helium in the balloons?

The helium in the tank is at a higher pressure and takes up a small space ( occupies a smaller volume) at higher pressure the helium is compressed.

How does gas apply pressure?

The gas particles collide with one another and the walls of their container

Ex: the balloon inflating

The firmness of a gas filled object comes from the pressure of a gas.

Higher pressure means a greater concentration (greater amount) of gas particles in a container then in the area surrounding the container.

Is the air pressure higher inside or outside the balloon?



1) What happens to the motion of gas molecules when temperature increases?

They move faster

2) When you shake the box quickly what are the contents inside modeling?

The Gas particles at high temperature

The faster the particles move the higher the temperature…

As “temperature,” increased, how did the pressure applied by the, “gas particles,” change?

The pressure increased—gas particles hit the sides of the box more often