Assignment 5 - Functional Areas of Businesses


Unit 2 - Assignment 5 – Functional Areas of Businesses

Assignment Objective

To understand the main functional areas of business organisations


Your role at Business Link is expanding further. You will now be responsible for providing training to clients on the different functional areas of businesses and explaining how important it is for each department to work together for the success of the business.

Assignment Outcomes

P4 – describe the functional areas in two contrasting business organisations P5 – explain how these functional areas link in one of these organisations M2 – compare the interaction of functional areas and how they relate to each other in two selected businesses to support the business objectives Task Grading Criteria

P4, P5, M2

Evidence Presentation

Task 1

Produce a

PowerPoint presentation

which includes information on the functional areas of

2 different business organisations

. You must include the following:  A


of the

Functional areas

: sales, production, purchasing, administration, customer service, distribution, finance, human resources, ICT, marketing, research and development (R and D);  A

labelled diagram

of the functional areas of your 2 selected business organisations 




of functional areas:  o o o In developing new markets In developing new products In using information technology to integrate functional areas

Describe the links

: o o o o

Relationships and interaction

s with

other functional areas

(internal links)

External links

(eg suppliers, customers, banks, government agencies)

Information flows Flows of goods and services

For the higher grade (M2) you must include in your presentation:  A


of how the functional areas



relate to each other

in the

2 business organisations


how they support the business objectives

2 nd March 2011