Ways of Seeing PowerPoint Presentation

50 Pictures of One Subject
What is revision?
Revision is not…
• Proofreading
• Editing
Revision Requires “Re-Seeing”
The closer you look the more you see.
Go beyond initial perceptions.
Suspend judgment and keep wondering.
Take risks, be playful.
Collaborate with others.
Everything has pretty much been written
about. See what is surprising or
interesting in the familiar.
Ways of Seeing
Rank Most to Least Favorite
Rank Least to Most Obvious
Select Four Varied Pictures
See Your Subject Differently
• Put a revision lens on your writing.
– Genre
– Style (diction, syntax, description, etc.)
– Audience
– Tone
• Write four brief pieces about your subject.
– About 150 words each
• You must apply the revision lens to each
piece of writing about your subject.
Display Criteria
• Main Title
• Personal Definition of Revision
• Four Descriptions
– Each Creatively Titled
– Each 150 words
– Each Revision Lens Labeled
• Photos
– Cropped and/or Full-size
• Visual Elements as Needed