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Marketing Report Format
By Scott Christ, eHow Contributor
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Marketing reports are written documents that help communicate important facets of your
marketing strategy, such as your goals and objectives, marketing and promotional
tactics and marketing research. Your marketing report content will vary and will be
largely based on what you are trying to accomplish, but there is a general format you
can follow that can help you write a successful report.
Title Page
○ On the title page of your marketing report, list the title, date and author of
the report. Your title should clearly convey the contents of your report. For
example, if the goal of your marketing report is to communicate your new
market research plan, your title should be something like, "2011 Market
Research Plan."
Executive Summary
○ The executive summary is the first section to appear on the page after
your title page. This section should outline the goals of your report. Write
your goals so they answer the question, "What do I want readers to be
able to do after reading this report?" For example, "Clearly articulate the
new marketing tactics we will be using this year" or "Describe the
measurement plan for our marketing initiatives."
○ Your marketing report should also include an introduction. Your
introduction should provide any necessary background information
relevant to your marketing report. Then, give a high-level overview of the
contents of the rest of your plan. For example, "Some of you are aware of
the updated corporate marketing strategy our management team
approved this month. In this report, you will learn the key components of
the strategy, how we decided upon these key components and what your
role will be in implementing the strategy."
Body Content
○ The body content should describe in detail the key points you touched on
in the introduction. Divide the body content into several paragraphs. Use
objective data, charts and visual imagery to illustrate the key points of your
marketing plan. For example, if one of your paragraphs describes how you
arrived at your current marketing strategy, include charts and graphs that
include any relevant market research or internal company surveys used.
○ The conclusion of your marketing report includes a wrap-up of all your key
points. In this section, summarize the content of your marketing report,
and re-iterate your objectives.
Recommended Next Steps
○ The final part of your marketing report should include your
recommendation for next steps. For example, "It is recommended that we
hold bi-weekly marketing strategy meetings to acclimate the marketing
team to this new roll-out plan" or "It is recommended that we partner with
a marketing research vendor to better understand our key customer
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