Lab Coat of Me - The Science Queen

Getting supplies procedure
1. Person at seat B goes to the counter and gets the supply box for their table.
My Own Lab Coat
A getting to know you activity
Prepare the Lab Coat
Fold the edges so that the coat meets in the middle.
Cut out the lab coat.
Sit down.
Inside the Lab Coat
1. What Science Fiction movie /TV character is most
like you and why? (Answer in a complete sentence.)
2. Finish this sentence: Science is….
3. What two experiments would you like to do? (Answer
in question form.)
4. What two sciences you would like to learn about?
5. Using the Latin Prefixes & Suffixes, make up three
6. Write a sentence of your 10 most unique
characteristics. I am…
Outside of the Lab Coat
1. Let’s decorate your lab coat.
1. If you are a girl, color the pocket pink.
2. If you are a boy, color the pocket blue.
3. On the left hand side, write your name.
4. Draw a picture of you on the bottom right hand side.
5. Finally, color the coat in at least 3 complementary
6. When you are finished, please raise your hand & I will
collect it.
Completely finished
The best you can do
On time
Putting Away Supplies/
Clean up procedure
1. Person at seat A makes sure the supply bucket is neat & tidy.
2. Person at seat C puts the supply bucket away on the counter.
3. Persons at B & D make sure all trash is thrown away.
4. Everyone looks around their desk to make sure the floor is picked up and the table is neat
and tidy.