My Own Lab Coat - The Science Queen

My Own Lab Coat
A getting to know you activity
Prepare the Lab Coat
1. Fold the edges so that the coat meets in the middle.
2. Cut out the lab coat.
Inside the Lab Coat
1.Plan your perfect science class.
2.Write 5 quotes, song titles/lyrics or
movie/TV characters that represent you..
3.Write a list of their 10 most unique
Outside of the Lab Coat
1. Let’s decorate your lab coat.
1. If you are a girl, color the pocket pink.
2. If you are a boy, color the pocket blue.
3. On the left hand side, write your name.
4. Draw a picture of you on the bottom right hand side.
5. Finally, color the coat in at least 3 complementary
6. When you are finished, please raise your hand & I will
collect it.