Coat of Arms - CCSESA Arts Initiative

Coat of Arms
Coat of Arm Representation
• Every picture or image has a significance.
When choosing what to draw on your Coat of
Arms think what meaning you want to convey.
• Work on one (1) square at a time.
• Choose your overall theme.
Choosing Symbol
• Choose one main Symbol to convey your
meaning, per square.
• Then choose one other symbol to help
support it.
These symbols should be on ONE ON EACH square.
Then support them with color and lines.
Colors & Lines
• Remember that your color and line choices
should reflect your overlaying character trait.
• Limit your color and line choices to 3 per
square and they should be the same
throughout your entire coat of arms.
Axe- Dutiful
Crescent - Enlightenment
Crosses - Christian sentiments
Crown - Authority
Fire - Zeal
Flaming Heart - Passion
Hand - Faith, Sincerity & Justice
Heart - Sincerity
Horns & Antlers - Fortitude
Lightning - Decisiveness
Moon - Serenity
Oyster Shell - Traveler
Scepter - Justice