NIH Public Access Policy

NIH Public Access Policy
It’s not just a good idea;
It’s the law!
Public Access
• According to NIH policy, publications funded
fully or in part by federal grant money must be
made publically available
• To facilitate this, the NIH created PubMed
Central (PMC), an open-access database of
full-text manuscripts
• Federally funded publications deposited in
PubMed Central receive a PMCID as evidence
of compliance
• PMID (PubMed ID) is the unique ID given to
every paper indexed in PubMed
• PMCID (PubMed Central ID) is the ID given to
a paper that has been deposited into the
open-access database PubMed Central
• NIHMSID (NIH Manuscript Submission ID) is
the temporary ID given to a paper that has
been deposited through the NIHMS system
but has not yet been assigned a PMCID
Finding the PMCID
• In PubMed
Finding the PMCID
• With the PMID converter:
Finding the PMCID
• A subset of journals will automatically deposit your
manuscript into PMC for you, for example:
– BMC Genomics
– Journal of Clinical Oncology
• The complete list is here:
• If you have submitted to one of these journals, your
paper will either have a PMCID or can be cited as
PMCID: PMC Journal – In Process
New Publications
• As soon as you receive notice of acceptance,
you can (and should!) deposit your manuscript
into PMC via the NIH Manuscript Submission
System (
• The submitted manuscript should be the final
version submitted to the publisher NOT the
PDF generated by the publisher as that is their
copyrighted property
New Publications
• Many publishers require exclusive rights to a
publication for a certain period of time (6
months, 1 year, etc.). This information can be
found in the For Authors section of the journal’s
• You still can (and should!) deposit your
manuscript into PMC immediately upon receipt
of acceptance. In the submission process, you can
indicate the delay of availability required by the
Non-Compliant Publications
• You can bring old publications into compliance
at any time using the NIHMS system
• Remember: All papers published after April,
2008, must have a PMCID if any of the work
was federally funded
• A guide to manuscript submission through
NIHMS is available in the CQS Member
Resources section of the CQS website
Enforcing Compliance
• All awards with anticipated start dates on or
after July 1, 2013 must be 100% compliant
• NIH will delay processing of an award if
publications arising from it are not in
compliance with the NIH public access policy
• Vanderbilt will also be monitoring compliance
to assist with this initiative