Training Class Presentation - FE Journal Entry

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Bryn Mawr College
The Financial Edge:
FE Journal Entry (JE)
Presented by the Controller’s Office and TLI
FE Journal Entry (JE)
This class is intended for a JE user of
FE who wants to know how to
perform the JE function. This class
will cover creating, entering,
validating, submitting a Journal Entry
batch as well as learning tools
available for Journal Entries.
FE Journal Entry (JE) - Agenda
• Overview of FE Journal Entry (JE)
• Use Journal Entry (JE) Batch Manual
– Create, enter, validate, request posting,
additional options
• Learning tools on Blackbaud Training Central
• Available links on Controller’s Office web
• Questions??
FE Journal Entry (JE) - Overview
• A Journal Entry (JE) is a group of
debit and credit transactions that
are posted to the general ledger.
All journal entries must net to
zero so debits must equal credits.
FE Journal Entry (JE) - Overview
• Generally, journal entry batches are used to post the
following types of transactions at BMC:
Conferences and Events/Summer Admin charges
Transfer to another department/project
Departmental cash receipts
Dining Services catering charges
Onecard charges/revenues and allocations
Payroll expenses (Typically, Human Resources prepares corrections
as needed)
– Post Office charges
– Transportation rentals
– Corrections of account/project ID for any types of transactions
listed above.
– Other various fiscal year end transactions (typically only done by
Controller’s/Treasurer’s offices)
FE Journal Entry (JE) – Overview
• Click on Journal Entry (JE)
List of Journal Entry batches by Batch
# from newest to oldest. To re-sort
list click on any column name.
Helpful Hints: To widen columns
hover in between column then left
click and drag (this is the same way
you widen a column in Excel!)
To only
JEs you
FE Journal Entry (JE) – Use Journal Entry (JE) Batch Manual
• To create, enter, validate and request
posting of journal entry batches follow
the Journal Entry (JE) Batch Manual
available on the Controller’s Office
website at the following link:
FE Journal Entry (JE) – Learning Tools
• Blackbaud Training Central website
– Self-paced online class
• Creating a New Batch in General Ledger
• Posting to General Ledger
– Knowledgebase
• Ask a question and view answers.
• Use How to use Blackbaud (Financial Edge)
Training Central guide located on Controller’s
Office website at
FE Journal Entry (JE) – Controller’s Office webpage links
• Journal Entry (JE) documents are located under For Budget
Monitors/General Accounting section-Entering journal entries.
FE Journal Entry (JE) – Controller’s Office webpage links
• Recommended links
– Journal Entry (JE) Batch Manual:
– Transfer Funds to another Dept/Project Procedure:
Questions ???