Has Miley Cyrus gone to Number 1 in the singles and

1. Is this Damien Hurst painting worth the
2. Could you have made it?
3. Why didn’t you?
12 minutes later….
"The Nike Air Yeezy 2 has sold out"
How can you ensure high demand for a product?
In a recent Harris Poll of 2,039 adults, 88
percent said they would be worried about
riding in an autonomous, driverless car.
Do you agree?
Soon, your bed, kettle, TV, dishwasher
and car will all be connected to you and
your phone!
How does that make you feel?
You can buy 2000
followers for $5!
What are the
Working from
home is more
Do you agree?
Twitter valued at around $30billion.
Made a loss of $511 million.
How can this be?
Apple Share Price since 2008
Are Apple losing their touch?
Shops on average employ 47 people for every
$10 million (£6 million) in sales
Amazon employs only 14 people per $10 million
of revenue.
According to research by ILSR.
Gareth Bale
£300,000 a week
James Smith –
Heart Surgeon
£300,000 a year
What are the 3 factors that determine wages?
Cadbury’s believe no other business can
use their colour purple.
Is this fair?
Technology will now predict what you would write
on social media sites… and do it for you!
Is this a great idea? Or massively freaky?
Barclays is making 1700 store
employees despite profits of
Who will be negatively affected?
Who will benefit from this?
Xbox V Playstation 4
Who will be victorious?
• More expensive
• Voice Recognition
• Ability to control satellite
and cable TV set top boxes
• Cinematic graphics
• Duel Shock controller
• Focus on gaming
Anyone aged 18 to 21 claiming benefits without basic
English or Maths will be required to undertake
training from day one or lose their entitlement.
People unemployed for more than six months to be
forced to start a traineeship, take work experience
or do a community work placement or lose
What do you think?
Do you think
they are worth
Processor: $121
Memory: $64
Hard drive: $23
Blu-ray drive $20
Power management & audio controls: $16
WiFi chip: $8
Other components & assembly: $80
Packaging and controller - $50
Retailer Mark-up - $30
Total Costs = $412
Selling Price = $399
Revenue – Cost
Why would they do this?
So how are they making a profit?
Has Miley Cyrus gone to
Number 1 in the singles
and album charts because
a) Great songs
b) Shock marketing