Training Class Presentation - Introduction to FE

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Hello, my name is Abacus Owl! I’ll be
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Bryn Mawr College
The Financial Edge:
Introduction to Financial Edge
Presented by the Controller’s Office and TLI
Introduction to Financial Edge
This class is intended for an
employee who currently does not
have a Financial Edge account or is a
new user of Financial Edge (FE). This
class will cover logging into FE,
terminology, menus and navigating,
user options and available learning
Introduction to Financial Edge - Agenda
Overview of Financial Edge
Financial Edge Terminology
General Ledger account number breakdown
Logging into Financial Edge via Terminal Services
Financial Edge Screens
Logging out of Financial Edge
Learning tools on Blackbaud Training Central
– Self-paced online classes & Knowledgebase
– Login screen
• Available links on Controller’s Office web page
• Questions??
Introduction to Financial Edge - Overview
Financial Edge is the College’s financial system. All
financial activity (payroll, accounts payable, cash
receipts, student billing, investments, alumnae
giving, budgets, grants, conference services, and
journal entries just to name a few) flows through
Financial Edge. This information is then used to
report the financial health of the College to the
Board of Trustees and other outside Agencies. The
members of the Controller’s Office are considered
the financial stewards of the College.
Introduction to Financial Edge - Terminology
Account – this is the 11 digit number used for
coding your activity into Financial Edge
Account Code – this is the 2nd segment of the
account signifying revenue or expense activity
Project – this is an additional segment
(generally 99999) added to the account to
further identify activity
Wildcard - * can be used when searching for
accounts or projects within Financial Edge to
open up the search parameters
General Ledger – this is the collection of
accounts the College uses to record, track and
store its’ business activity throughout time
Income Statement – report run from Financial
Edge that can be used as a summary budget to
actual report for a department or departments
Batches – the term used to identify a journal
entry created
Journal – used to identify the source of a
journal entry (i.e. Departmental Receipts is a
deposit of funds posted through the Cashier)
Accounts Payable – this is where all of the bills
for the College are processed for payment and
vendor history and activity is stored
Vendor – term used to identify the company or
person to whom we pay a bill
Invoice/Credit Memo – terms used to identify
a particular bill paid to a vendor
Introduction to Financial Edge - Account No Info
ACCOUNT NUMBER - Consists of 4 parts (In the following order)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
(1 Digit)
(5 Digits)
(5 Digits)
(5 Digits)
Example: 1-52200-01310-99999
Part 1 - FUND (8 funds)
Fund ID Description
Part 2 - ACCOUNT CODE (5 categories)
Account Code #’s: Account Code Category Description
1 Unrestricted
2 Restricted
3 Loan
4 Endowment
5 Conferences
6 Trusts, Agency Funds, Campus groups
7 Plant
9 Designated Reserves
10000-19999 Assets, Items College owns
20000-29999 Liabilities, Debts College owes
30000 Fund Balance, Net Assets of the College (Assets less Liabilities)
40000-49999 Revenues, Money collected by college
50000-89999 Expenses, Money paid out by the college
Part 3 - DEPARTMENT (3 categories)
Dept #’s: Dept Category Description
00000 General College Balance Sheet/Dept Default
00001-02000 All Academic & Administrative dept’s
99999 Do Not Post (Part of the Default Holding Account used in JE entry )
Introduction to Financial Edge - Account No Info cont.
• Part 4 - PROJECT ID’S (10 categories)
– Project ID’s: Project ID category Description
• 99999 Project Default Used when there is no project, Fund 1
• 07000-08999 Plant Projects generally used for plant reserves & capital projects,
Fund 7
• 09000-09199 Designated Reserves, Reserves that have already been designated
for a specific purpose, mostly Fund 9
• 00501-00599 Conferences & Events, Conference or event activity, mostly Fund 5
• 14000-14999 Restricted Gifts - Money given to college as Plant Fund donations
from private sources, Fund 7
• 21000-21999 Internal grants, Restricted research money given to faculty from
the College, Fund 1
• 40000-49999 External grants, Restricted money given to college from
government or private sources, Fund 2
• 50100-59999 Endowments, Gifts given to the College where only the income is
designated for spending , mostly Funds 2 and 4
• 00029-00399 & 01000-01920 Various, Ongoing Dept projects, mostly Fund 1
• 19000-20099, 25000-26999, & 65000-95008 Restricted/ Private Gifts, Money
given to college as donations from private sources
Introduction to Financial Edge – Logging In
Introduction to Financial Edge – GL Main Menu
Navigate via the menu choices on the left:
(these are covered in detail in the advanced classes)
Home – Displays favorite queries/reports if desired.
Records – to look up specific accounts, grants or projects
Query – ad hoc reporting – you can look up detail activity
covering a range of dates and accounts if desired
Reports – standardized summary reports primarily used to
review budget to actual results
Journal Entry – used to import or directly post activity to
the general ledger
Help – can access various help options, some require you to
login to the Blackbaud website
Introduction to Financial Edge – GL Records/Accounts Screen
Introduction to Financial Edge – GL Records/Projects Screen
Introduction to Financial Edge – GL Query Screen
Introduction to Financial Edge - GL Reports Screen
How’s everyone doing so
Introduction to Financial Edge – Accounts Payable
Navigate via the menu choices on the left
(these areas are covered in detail in the advanced
Home – Displays favorite queries/reports if desired.
Records – to look up specific vendor activity
Query – ad hoc reporting to view detail vendor activity
if desired
Help – can access various help option, some require you
to login to the Blackbaud website
Introduction to Financial Edge - AP Vendor Screen
Introduction to Financial Edge – GL/AP Options
Options will be covered in more detail in the advanced classes
Introduction to Financial Edge - Help Screen
I like the Help Topics
best, it is interactive
with the users guide
Introduction to Financial Edge – Logging Off
The key is to logout
properly! Click on File
then Exit and Sign Out in
the top left menu. Do
not just close the red x in
the top right – it can
leave your session open
for others to access
Introduction to Financial Edge – Learning Tools
Blackbaud Training Central website
Self-paced online Classes
• Classes are slides with audio. They take
approximately 5‐20 minutes to complete. The
time varies so greatly because during a class you
can pause, go back to a previous slide, go forward
to the next slide, etc. You can also stop a class at
anytime. You can take a class as many times as
you like whenever you like.
• Ask a question and view answers anytime.
Introduction to Financial Edge – Learning Tools
Recommended Self-paced online classes
General Information Classes
– Navigating in The Financial Edge
– Organizing Favorites on Your Home Page in The Financial Edge
General Ledger Account Record Class
– Displaying Account Activity in General Ledger
General Ledger Queries/Reports Classes
Creating a Basic Query in The Financial Edge
Modifying Queries in The Financial Edge
Learning the Basics of Financial Edge Reports
Creating General Ledger Reports
Creating an Income Statement in General Ledger
General Ledger Journal Entry Classes (you must have security access to create
journal entries in FE)
– Creating a New Batch in General Ledger
– Posting to General Ledger
Introduction to Financial Edge – Training Central Login
How to log into the Blackbaud (Financial Edge) website and use Training Central
To log into the Blackbaud Training Central website go to
Introduction to Financial Edge –
Controller’s Office webpage links
• New FE users should do all of the following (all information is
available on the Controller’s Office website):
– Use Blackbaud’s Training Central website (also remember you can use
Help within FE)
– Read Financial Edge Frequently Asked Questions
– Look-up and read the Account Number Information guide
– Look-up and try tips/procedures for reviewing records in Financial Edge
– Look-up and read the Journal Entry procedures guide
Questions ???
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