The Treasure of Lemon Brown powerpoint.

The Treasure of Lemon Brown
Walter Dean Myers
Page 730
• Impromptu – adj. unplanned
• Tentatively – adv. In an uncertain or
hesitant way.
• Intently – adv. With close attention
• Brittle – adj. having a sharp, hard
quality; ready to break.
• Ominous – adj. threatening
Words to know:
Brownstones-refers to a terraced house made
using brown sandstone or “brownstone”
Bodegas are where people shop. They do
not shop at large, chain grocery stores.
Tenement – a run-down apartment
• Generalization – is a broad statement that applies
to many individuals, experiences, situations or
– It is a type of conclusion.
Valid Generalizations
• Valid means true.
– Supported by facts
– Agrees with what you already know about the topic
– Uses logic and reasoning
– Proven with several examples
• Look around the room… What generalizations can you make
about me? Notice the posters. Think about what I’ve talked
about several times. What generalization can you make about
Faulty Generalizations
• Faulty means false.
– Not supported by facts
– Watch for the key words: none, all, always, never,
everyone, nobody
• For example, I would make a faulty
generalization if I believed every person from
Chicago was mean if I based it off my college
roommate, Lauren.
Differences in how we speak
• Dialect
– Every region of a country has a dialect: a variety of
a language that is different from other varieties
– For example, Minnesotans have a different dialect
than New Yorkers.
– Lengthening the “o” sound vs. dropping the “r”
– “Oh yeah, you betcha!”
– “Card” sounds like “cod”
Differences in how we speak
• Colloquialism
– A phrase that is only appropriate for informal and
casual use.
– “ya’ll, gonna, wanna”
As You Read…
Think about the different conflicts that arise.
Think of different generalizations you can make.
Think of generalizations characters make.
The Treasure of Lemon Brown
Page 729
Discussion Questions
1. What generalization did Greg
make in the story? Was it valid or
faulty? Why?
2. Why is Lemon Brown in his
3. What does Greg learn from Lemon
4. Why did Greg decide not to tell his
father about Lemon Brown?
Find the conflicts in the story
Character vs. Character
Character vs. Environment
Character vs. Society
Character vs. Self (internal)