The Treasure of Lemon Brown

“The Treasure of Lemon Brown”
A. Create an inference chart detailing the characters’
motivations by answering the questions below.
1. Reread lines 25-27 & 48-51. From Greg’s thoughts, what
would you infer are his reasons for not going home?
2. Reread lines 110-112. Why does Lemon Brown pull back his
shoulders as he tells Greg his name?
3. Reread lines 138-146. Why does Lemon Brown hold Greg’s
4. Reread lines 243-248. Why does Lemon Brown give his son
his old newspaper clippings and harmonica?
5. Reread lines 292-293. Why does the thought of his father’s
lecture make Greg smile?
B. Review your chart of inferences to recall why Lemon Brown
gave his son his “treasure.” What does Lemon Brown’s
story help Greg realize about his own father?