Residence Life Staff

Welcome Class of 2014!
Meet the staff
Find out what type of programs and
involvement opportunities we offer
Understand our Community Standards and
Outcomes of behaviors
Meet some of our campus partners and hear
about our support services
Our structure & and your direct support
 Central Office located in Barrows Hall RM 120
 Director of Residence Life, Associate Director, &
Assistant Director
 Area Coordinators/Resident Directors (RD’s) 1 per
 Program Assistants (PA’s)
 1 per Building
 Resident Assistants (RA’s)
 Total staff of 59
Global sustainability-The 3 “R’s”
 Recycle
 Reuse
 Reduce
Community Engagement
 Volunteer
Student Leadership
 Take the lead-others will follow
Welcome Vance Hall Living-Learning
Communities (LLC’s)
RA Events
Hall Council
Dean’s Cup
 Each month your RA plans a program based on what your floors
interests are
 Meets weekly to plan hall events, design hall clothing, and have
shared governance of your hall
 Month hall vs. hall competition, winning hall gets the Cup and
bragging rights
 Meets Mondays in Belin A & B in the Student Center at 4:15 pm
 This a place to make your voice heard and find out about
Residence Life news
Sign in workers are in each building from
8:00 pm to 12:00 am (1:00 am on Thursday
& weekends). All residents must show their
ID to the sign in worker and sign in their
guests during those times
Have your keys and Id Card with you at all
Keep your door locked and do not prop any
bathroom or exterior doors.
Restricted Items
Extension Cords
Microwaves (unless part of a micro fridge)
A second TV or fridge
Any appliance with a heating element
Tapestries hanging from the ceiling
Furniture brought in by students larger than 65 inches
Candles even ones without a wick
Weights over 10 pounds
Restricted items found will confiscated and held by staff until a
break period where students may retrieve them when going
 Items left over break periods may be discarded
RAs will be conducting regular fire inspections of every room at
least once a month
Violations referred to Conduct-Critical violations
 No smoke head or fire equipment tempering
 Must exit during any fire alarm
 All of our residence halls are dry and if you are found with
alcohol you will be referred through the Student Conduct
process and could possibly be issued a ticket by Campus
 Empty alcohol bottles are also prohibited
 If you are in a room with alcohol even if you are not drinking
you could be found in violation of college policy
 CCSU has a zero tolerance policy
 If you are found in possession of drugs you will be referred
through the Student Conduct process
Roommate & other Resident disputes
 If you cannot resolve it between yourselves speak
with your RA or your AC/RD
With campus community
 Utilize your campus resources to help you solve
your problem
Sexual misconduct
Residence Hall Damage/Vandalism
Students are held responsible for damage in their room
 When you checked in you signed a Room Condition Form (RCF) detailing the condition of your room and its
 At check out your room should be returned to its original condition
 If damage occurs speak with your RA or AC/RD immediately
 At the end of each semester your AC/RD will inspect your room after you have checked out and will determine if a
damage bill will be issued
 It is for that reason that you should immediately report any damage that occurs in you r room
Common Area Damage
 Damage that occurs in common areas may be billed to the entire floor or hall if the
individual(s) responsible are not discovered
 If you know who caused common area damage please let you AC/RD know so that only those
responsible for the damage are the ones who have to pay to repair it
 Jumping in the elevators is considered vandalism and you will be referred through the Student
Conduct System
 Every elevator is monitored by video camera and Campus Police take notice to any students who
jump in them
Facilities: How Things Get Fixed
 Report any maintenance issues in your room to you AC/RD and they will create a work order
for the problem
Room Changes
 The room change process usually takes the following
Roommates attempt to resolve issue on their own
RA mediates conflict
AC/RD talks with students and determines if a room
change is necessary
If the room change involves changing buildings the
Associate Director will work with both the AC/RD involved
and the students
Room Selection
 Occurs once each semester
 Each student living on campus is required to have a
$250 deposit paid by November 1st during the fall
semester and March 1st for the spring semester
 Once the deposit is paid students may decide to live in
the current room again, move to a different room in
the same building, or moving to a different building.
Students wishing to move to another room/building must
complete the necessary paper work and return in the
Office of Residence Life by a specific date
More information about room selection will be available
during the coming months
Residence Hall Closings
 Thanksgiving Break: November 24th – 28th
 Residence Halls reopen on November 29th
 Fall Semester Closing: December 17th
 Residence Halls reopen for Spring Semester on January 23rd
 Spring Break Closing: March 18th -26th
 Residence Halls reopen on March 27th
 Spring Semester Closing: May 21st
Staying Over Break
 Students may stay over Semester Break and Spring Break if
approved by Residence Life but will be required to pay a fee
 Room fee only covers periods when classes are in session
 Students living on campus between the Fall and Spring
semester will have to move into the break building. This year
the break building is Sam May Hall
Office of Student Affairs
Fire Marshal
Resnet: Computer needs
Health Services
Counseling & Wellness
Campus Police
Women’s Center
Office of Conduct
Facilities Department
Student Activities/Leadership Development