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EDA 6540

Organization and Administration of Higher Education

Fall 2005

LeVester Tubbs

Education Complex

Educational Leadership Office, Suite 222

[email protected]

Course Overview

Office Hours:

Monday/Thursday 2:30- 5 p.m.

Tuesday Noon-2:00 p.m.

(407) 823-1466

This course is designed to give the students an overview of organization and structure of institutions of higher education. The focus will be on public/private, two-year, four year, and comprehensive colleges and universities. Emphasis is given to understanding the internal/external conditions under which higher education leaders must function.








To understand the theory of organization.

To understand the different types of organizational structures of higher education at the state level.

To understand the impact the state level of organization has on the local level.

To understand a variety of models or organization at the local level.

To understand how colleges and universities differ from business and industry.


Course Objectives


Students will become knowledgeable of the missions and objectives of various types of higher education institutions.

2. Students will become knowledgeable of the administrative roles and

responsibilities of academic and nonacademic administrators.

3. Students will become knowledgeable of roles of faculty and students in

college and university governance.

4. Students will become knowledgeable of the internal/external forces under

which the institutions function.


Students will develop an understanding of the organizational theories and

styles of leadership and efficiency and effectiveness of values as they apply

to higher education.


Students will develop a knowledge and understanding of the financing of

Public and private institutions and the legal and political issues faced by




Students will develop an understanding of administering academic programs including academic administration, faculty governance models, and personal issues including selection, evaluation, promotion and tenure, salaries, and professional development.

Students will develop an understanding of personnel administration, including recruitment, selection, annual performance evaluation, promotion and tenure, and professional development program.



1. Required Reading

Weingartner, Rudolph H., Fitting Form to Function A Primer on the

organization of Academic Institutions


Weekly Higher Education Update

Every week, each class member should prepare and provide the class with a brief update on a current issue impacting higher education during the past week (frequently drawn from an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education or a popular media source). Twenty to thirty minutes of each class will be devoted to updates and discussion of issues presented. Weekly higher education updates should:




Introduce and clarify the topic/issue at hand,

Identify important sub-issues for higher education practitioners,

Raise pertinent questions regarding the impact of the issue on


higher education, and

Relate issue to other relevant course issue/topic.

3. Case Study

Develop a case study on an “administrative challenge” that occurred within

the higher education community. (Format for the case study will be passed

out in class.)

4. Reaction Paper

Student will complete a 2-3 page reaction paper responding to a topic of

class discussion of their choosing. These papers should contain a

personal analysis and reaction to a specific issue raised in class. Sources to

support the analysis are encouraged. The focus of the reaction paper should

be why the issue is important to higher education management practice and

how it impacts or could impact you in your present or intended future work

or intended audience. Students are encouraged to use a practical format for

this assignment which will reflect a realistic professional competence such







a letter to the editor expressing an opinion or stance on an issue, a letter expressing concern/opinion/stance on an issue to an appropriate individual or governing bodies in the institution

(President, VP, Board of Regents, Student Government, etc.) a memorandum to your supervisor (current or future) explaining rationale/stance on an issue impacting your area of responsibility.


Interview a university/college administrator at the Dean or above level in a public/private, two/four year institution


Final Project

Develop a model university for one of the following and include 1) institutional philosophy; 2) organization design including staffing pattern; and 3) budget to support the organization design:


A public comprehensive university with 10,000 students,

3,000 living in campus residence halls.


A private university with 3,000 students, 1,000 living in campus residence halls.


A public community college with 8,000 students.

D. A private community college with 2,5000 students, 700

Living in campus residence halls.


Exams and Final Project

Reaction Paper

Case Study

Class Participation





The plus(+), minus(-) grading system will be used.

Students are expected to be in class and will be held accountable for all material presented in the course. If for any reason, you are unable to attend a class session, please let the instructor know in advance.