Residence Halls (selected)

Tuskegee University
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Residence Halls (selected)
Lillian Harvey Hall
A 103-room female dormitory, the
three-floor Lillian Harvey Hall houses
sophomores, juniors and seniors.
Named after former nursing dean
Lillian Harvey, the dormitory once
solely housed students in the School
of Nursing
White Hall
Characterized by the stately clock tower
positioned atop this renowned architectural
structure designed by Robert R. Taylor,
Alexander Moss White Hall was constructed
by the hands of the students, faculty and staff
of Tuskegee.
It was opened in the fall of 1909 and
dedicated on February 22, 1910. The clock
was installed in 1913.
Closed in 1996 due to structural deficiencies
and severe weather damage, this 104-room
timeless jewel of elegance remains the
premiere female residence hall after its recent
complete renovation and modernization.
University Commons Apartments
Students who are eligible
upperclassmen enjoy the comforts
of residing in the modern state-ofthe-art living complexes.
These apartmentstyle livinglearning facilities are constructed
on the University campus.
End of Residence Halls (selected)
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