(ra) position description

The RA position requires working with professional staff and other student staff to create a safe, inclusive environment for your
residents. You serve as a resource, limit setter, mentor, educator – and much more. This document identifies the major areas of
responsibility in the RA position, as well as specific requirements and time commitments. It is impossible to stipulate the exact
number of hours you will need to devote to this position, but a good guideline is at least 15 hours per week (a combination of
scheduled responsibilities and generally being present in your building and available to residents).
Demonstrate dependability and good time management by meeting deadlines and completing required tasks
Produce administrative and record keeping work that is clearly written and completed thoroughly
Maintain open communication with residents, staff, supervisors and others
Demonstrate problem solving and critical thinking skills when faced with a problem
Community Building
Utilize the departmental programming guidelines (Blueprint) to meet the needs of the floor/unit community
Work with fellow student staff members to implement hall-wide events that meet resident learning outcomes
Implement passive and active Community Building Activities (CBAs) each month
Assist and support individual residents through personal interactions
Establish healthy and productive community standards
Act as a resource/referral source for residents
Build positive relationships with residents and other staff members
Demonstrate an appreciation of the variety of backgrounds, beliefs, values and cultures present in the community
Be aware of issues of oppression and privilege
Confrontation and Policies
Recognize student behaviors that are not healthy or productive, and address these behaviors
Adhere to departmental and campus policies, contracts and expectations
Confront policy violations in accordance with departmental protocols
Respond appropriately to any emergency situations that arise, and know how to contact the necessary
campus/community resources when needed
Behave ethically and professionally on and off campus
Set goals and practice self-reflection
Strive to achieve balance and set appropriate boundaries
Utilize personal strengths in the residence life position and reflect on personal vocation
Resist negative peer pressure
Strive for personal wellness in a variety of areas, such as: financial, intellectual, spiritual, career, mental and physical
Act in accordance with the philosophy and mission of residence life
Create a safe and welcoming environment for residents that allows them to be socially and academically successful
Meet all programming and professional development requirements listed in the staff Blueprint
Assist in checking students in/out of the hall
Complete room checks as needed throughout the year
Actively participate in staff meetings, desk meetings, and staff training (including spring, fall, in-service, and Tri-College
Share duty night and rounds responsibilities with other staff members
Assist with staff selection
Be enrolled in a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 17 credits each semester (exceptions must be approved by the Director
of Residence Life)
Have and maintain a minimum Concordia cumulative 2.5 GPA
Obey all college policy & civil law (including campus alcohol policies and laws governing underage drinking)
Other duties as assigned by your supervisor
Time Commitment
The RA position should be considered your primary commitment following your academic responsibilities. You should
anticipate spending approximately 15 hours a week in your role (a combination of scheduled responsibilities and generally
being present in your building and available to residents).
 All out-of-hall commitments, other than classes, must fall within the following guidelines:
o to be generally available to your floor weekdays after 7 p.m.
o no more than 15 hours per week (Sunday – Thursday) for any single or combination of activities including work,
theater, musical groups, sports, student government, etc.
o internships and student teaching obligations may be scheduled only after approval from your Hall Director
o consult with Hall Director before taking on any additional responsibilities during the year (co-curricular,
employment, etc.)
o consult with the Hall Director before making plans to travel on a May Seminar
 Attend 2 hour weekly staff meetings on Tuesday evenings (the only exception to this requirement is a course required for
graduation and not available at another time)
 Meet individually with the Hall Director twice monthly
 Return to campus by noon, Wed, August 10 for fall training and noon, Sat, January 7 for the beginning of second
 Remain on-campus the first weekend following the beginning of each semester
 Remain on campus the weekend of Cornstock
 Remain in the hall until 4 pm on the day preceding all breaks; and to return to campus by 8 pm the last day of each break
Departure Date (4 pm)
Return Date (8 pm)
Friday, October 21
Tuesday, October 25
Wednesday, November 23
Sunday, November 27
Friday, February 24
Sunday, March 5
Wednesday, April 12
Monday, April 17
 Remain in the hall at the end of first semester until 2 pm, Saturday, December 17
 Remain in the hall at the end of second semester until 4 pm, Mon, May 8
 Make arrangements with the Hall Director in advance for weekends away (no more than half the weekends during each
Position Benefits
Stipend of approximately $4400 for first year and $5100 for most second/third year staff and a single-occupancy double
room at the regular rate in most halls where available (final stipend levels will not be available until the budget is approved
by the Board of Regents in the spring)
Staff are generally given first preference in hiring decisions for desk worker positions
Periodic evaluation of performance with constructive suggestions
References for future positions based on successful performance
Knowledge, skills, training and support to develop your potential and help you successfully fulfill your responsibilities these include: communication, leadership, teamwork, organization, problem solving, creativity, conflict management,
assertiveness, adaptability, decision-making
This portion to be completed after hiring:
By signing this position description, I agree to fulfill the duties outlined herein. Please note: the Department of Residence Life
reserves the right to make necessary changes to this position description without warning.
Print Name (please print legibly): ________________________________ Sign Name: ___________________________________
Date: ___________________________________