student experiences fund overview ppt

Student Experiences Fund
Empowering extracurricular activities
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What is the Student Experiences Fund?
 The Student Experiences Fund is focused on enabling
student learning experiences outside of the
classroom by providing financial support for activities
 Administered by:
— The Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business
— The Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
— The Westman Centre for Real Estate Studies
 Over $200k available in 2014-2015 school year
Why Apply?
 Students can receive up to $5000 over the course of
their degree
 The value of extracurricular experiences
— Bulk up your resume
— Build on your skills
— Discover new opportunities for growth
— Network with inspiring students and professionals
— Learn about yourself and what is important to you
To Note
 Important:
— This is a competition.
— Not all applicants will be funded to the full amount and/or
funded at all.
— Incomplete applications will not be evaluated
— Read the policy document carefully to ensure that your
application is complete
— The quality of your application counts!
Important Policies
 Funding doesn’t cover entire costs, only subsidizes
— Up to 50% for domestic experiences, and 75% for
international experiences
 Money is given for value-added activities
— Something not offered in the curriculum
Who is Eligible?
 BComm and MBA students in good academic
 BComm and MBA clubs/groups/associations
 *Past applicants who have not submitted their
activity reports and/or expense reports are not
eligible to apply until these documents are received.
Eligible Activities
 Students can apply to the fund to cover a variety of
activities, but it is up to the review committee to
evaluate each application to determine the eligibility
— Just because someone has been funded for the same
opportunity before, does not guarantee your funding!
Application quality matters!
— Some types of activities to consider:
 Competitions, conferences, training programs, networking
events, speaking events
What can it cover?
 Common eligible costs:
— Conference/competition registration fee
— Accommodation for non-local events
— Air travel and other transportation
— Meals during events (if not included)
— Program fees (not for course credit)
 *Eligible costs are circumstantial. Final funding
decisions made by reviewers.
What won’t it cover?
 Ineligible costs:
— Course fees for credit courses
— Food during international exchange
— Accommodation during international exchange
— Books
— Personal expenses (clothes, hygiene, phone service, etc)
— Leisure activities and entertainment
— Club sponsorship
How to submit an application
 Complete either an individual or group application
— Be sure to read the policy document first!
 Submit scanned copy to
[email protected]
— File name must be titled: <Project Name>.SEF.<>
 Submit hard copy to Kevan Coyle in SH225
— Make sure that all items on the application checklist are
What makes an application strong?
 Clear alignment with centre mandates (leadership,
entrepreneurship, real estate)
 Well communicated opportunity and benefits
 Contributes to the development of the Haskayne
School of Business, and/or the University of Calgary
 The experience is unique (nothing similar offered at
the university)
 The activity demonstrates great value given the cost
Application Must Haves
Applications must be typed!
Be sure to attach a signed application checklist
Unofficial transcripts must be included
Support from a faculty or staff member with
signature - found in application document (no
scanned signatures)
 Clear budget with detailed line items allocated to
either eligible or ineligible sections – found in
application document
 All applications are evaluated by a review committee
shortly after the application deadline
 If the application is approved, applicants will be
notified and asked if they wish to proceed
 If applicant responds yes, payments will be made
upon receiving all the required documents (see next
Timeline Summary
Complete Application
• By February 2nd,
Applications evaluated
by Review Committee
• From February 2nd
to February 28th
Applicants notified of
• March 1st, 2015
Applicant Accountability
 If you are granted funds, we require the following
from you
— Proof of attendance
— Expense receipts including boarding passes (if applicable)
— Report describing the activity with photos
 Template available on the website
— Short presentation to be given about your experience
If your application is denied
 Students are encouraged to apply for future
 Students are welcome to schedule a time to speak
with a SEF team member to discuss ways to improve
their application
If you have any questions, you can contact
Kevan Coyle
(403) 220-8530
[email protected]