Oliver Okafor

Oliver Okafor, Instructor
Oliver Nnamdi Okafor is an enthusiastic teacher and researcher. He is also a
PhD Candidate in Accounting at the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of
Business. Oliver graduated with distinction from the Institute of Management
and Technology in Enugu, holds an MBA in Banking and Finance from the
University of Nigeria and has a second MBA in Global Energy Management and
Sustainable Development from the Haskayne School of Business.
Oliver has received funding, several awards and scholarships including CGA/CMA Alberta Research Funding, CAEF
Alberta PhD Funding, the University of Calgary Faculty of Graduate Studies Scholarship (FGS), the Marion Janet and
Ian Stormont Forbes Scholarship, the Alberta Graduate Students Scholarship, and the Alastair H. Ross Memorial
Graduate Scholarship for academic excellence. In the classroom, Oliver employs interactive pedagogic methods to
engage students.
Mr. Okafor had a progressive career in both the banking industry and government, working for the Royal Bank of
Canada and the Canada Revenue Agency as a tax auditor for five years, and a trainer with the Calgary Tax Services
Office for three years. During this time, Oliver taught courses on personal tax, corporate tax and goods and services
tax (GST). He is a Certified General Accountant of Canada (CGA) and Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant (FCCA).
As his dissertation, Oliver is examining the effects of the mandatory adoption of IFRS on financial and tax reporting
aggressiveness in Canada.
Introductory Financial Accounting
Intermediate Financial Accounting I and II
External Auditing I
Personal and Corporate Taxation
Advanced Taxation
Financial reporting
Sustainability reporting
Accounting education
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