My Country For Mandela - MarymountEnglish10Grade

My Country
For Mandela
By: Robert Chain
10 Red
• By looking at the picture on the first page we
can see a lot of details and predict something .
I think this poem is going to be about the
slavery of Africa and how Nelson Mandela
fought it.
1. Gate.
2. Wipe.
3. Forceful.
4. Supper.
5. Roughly.
6. Van.
7. Aches.
8. Comfort.
9. Bravely.
10. Tears.
: Any means of entrance.
:to rub something over a surface.
: Acting or driven with force.
The evening meal.
: Violent ion action or motion.
: Small closed trucklike vehicle.
: Continous dull pain.
: Person or thing giving consolation.
: Courageous.
: Drops of saline fluid that lubricates and
flows from the eye.
• I thought the story as going to be about
Nelson Mandela and slavery in Africa , but this
story only deals with slavery. In the story a boy
thinks his father is leaving his mom because of
some reason, but actually he is been taken
away to be a slave. Later on in life he
understands what really happened that day
and learns that his father did not leave his
mom for his own reasons.