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Nelson Mandela’s Inauguration Speech (p.438)
1. Some possible titles for this speech might be : A Call to Unity, Let Freedom Reign, A Time for
2. Mandela says “big important things in a beautiful way”. Find some passages that show this
(personal opinion but provide reasons)
3. Omit
4. Mandela uses the word “we” 14 times throughout his speech. This emphasizes his key point
that South Africans must come together and build a better South Africa together – it’s not he
who can do it alone.
Is he appealing mainly to reason, emotion, or both? (personal opinion but provide reasons)
O Siem – Susan Aglukark (p. 439)
1. Central theme is to tell people that by knocking down the barriers of prejudice, we can build a
strong sense of community and positive change.
2. Icon
3. Verses that best capture Mandela’s speech: “we’re all the same”; “fires of freedom”, “watch the
walls come tumbling down”, “to make a brand new start” Support your decisions.
Making a Difference – June Callwood (p.441)
1. a.
The people making a change a ordinary people. They are making small changes, like
reading to children on ventilators, feeding the elderly...
You decide if the obstacles they face are more ore less intimidating that thos of
Mandela’s. Support your decision.
2. Individuals must have a spunky attitude. Change happens when people try; even if they think
they have failed, they have created a tiny shift.
3. Callwood’s tone is logical. Decide if you think it’s more effective than Mandela’s emotional
tone. Give support.
4. Callwood would probably not like to be called a heroine because she considers herself an
ordinary person and the entire essay is about ordinary people making a difference.
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