8 Week 8 - Center

8 Week 8
• Irascible (adj): easily provoked to anger;
produced by anger
• Adv: irascibly
• N: irascibility, irascibleness
• Amiss (adj): wrong; faulty
• (adv): out of the proper order; wrongly
• Formidable (adj): intimidating; of discouraging
size or difficulty; fearsome
• Adv: formidably
• N: formidableness
• N: formidability
• Avid (adj): showing great enthusiasm or
interest for
• Adv: avidly
• N: avidnexx
• Haven (n): a place of safety or refuge; a harbor
or port
• (v): to shelter
• Strident (adj): making a harsh sound; grating;
having an irritating quality
• Adv: stridently
• N: stridentness
• Muse (v): to think or meditate; to comment
thoughtfully on
• (n): one of the Greek goddesses thought to be
the inspiration for various art forms; the
inspiration for an artist
• Susceptible (adj): capable of being affected or
influenced by something
• Adv: susceptibly
• N: susceptibility
• Subjunctive mood: verb form expressing a
wish or making a statement that’s not factual
– If I were the president, I would…