8 Week 9 - Center


8 Week 9

• Anarchy (n): social or political disorder due to lack of government or leadership; lack of obedience to authority • N: anarchist

• Lucrative (adj): profitable; moneymaking • • Adv: lucratively N: lucrativeness

• Connoisseur (n): an expert or good judge of art or food

• Servile (adj): acting in a way customary to slaves; submissive; yielding • • Adv: servilely N: servility

• Conscientious (adj): careful and painstaking; controlled by an inner sense of what is right • • Adv: conscientiously N: conscientiousness

• Prodigy (n): a person, especially a child, with extraordinary talent or ability • • Adj: prodigious (used somewhat differently) Adv: prodigiously

• Luminous (adj): radiating or reflecting light; shining; bright; brilliant intellectually • • • Adv: luminously N: luminousness N: luminosity

• Onslaught (n): a vigorous assault or attack

• Jargon: specialized language concerning a certain field, subject, or profession