**Remember, homework counts as a DOUBLE daily grade, and homework grades are never dropped when I
drop your lowest daily grade at the end of the six weeks!**
Choose FIVE of the words from the word bank on the BACK OF THIS PAGE. (You MUST use words from the
word bank.) Write TWO ORIGINAL sentences for each word in which you use the word as TWO DIFFERENT
PARTS OF SPEECH. You’ll have ten sentences total. You must
1) Use a standard highlighter (one of your required supplies) to highlight the word in each sentence that you
used from the word bank. This highlighting is part of having the assignment done on time, which means
everything—including the highlighting--is complete before the tardy bell rings.
2) IDENTIFY the part of speech (you may abbreviate; use standard abbreviations, which are listed in the word list
box) of the identified word by writing the part of speech immediately above the word. PLEASE SKIP LINES IN
BETWEEN EACH LINE SO YOUR LABELING IS EASY TO READ. (Your identification of the part of speech can
be written on the line in between each sentence; please see the example on the back.)
3) You MAY NOT change the word (i.e. you may not add the suffix “-ly” to make the word an adverb). It
must be used correctly and in the form given in the word bank.
4) Use black or DARK blue (not aqua) ink and write on regular notebook paper that is not ripped out of a
spiral, and write only on the front side of the paper. Assignments that are completed using pencil or any ink
color other than black or dark blue will be penalized ten points. TYPED work will earn five points extra
credit as long as you use an easy-to-read, standard font and print in BLACK. If you type, you may complete
the highlighting by changing the background color of the word instead of using a regular highlighter.
Typed work must be printed and brought to class; it CANNOT be e-mailed to me instead. If printing is a
problem, hand write.
5) Use your parts of speech notes to help you!
6) Use correct capitalization and punctuation. Each error will reduce your grade.
7) Not leave this assignment until the last minute…it’s more challenging than it seems, but you can do it because you
are INTELLIGENT! Also, waiting until the last minute means you are less likely to pay attention to details in the
directions (such as how to format it and what ink colors are approved), and this will result your earning in a lower
WORD BANK (suggested parts of speech are in parentheses, but other parts of speech may
be possible):
n=noun adj.=adjective adv.=adverb v.=verb pro.=pronoun conj.=conjunction inter.=interjection prep.=preposition
a. well (inter., n., adv.)
b. like (prep., v., adj.)
c. what (pro., adj., adv.)
d. total (n., adj.)
e. part (v., n., adv.)
f. key (v., n. adj.)
g. while (conj., n.)
h. down (adj., prep., adv.)
i. so (conj., adv., adj.)
j. once (conj., adv.)
*REMEMBER: You must not change any of these words; for example, you cannot make nouns plural or verbs
past tense. Also, remember that placing the word to in front of a word, such as to like, DOES NOT make the
word a verb. This is an infinitive, and infinitives NEVER function as verbs.*
1) The teacher told the students to stand in the line quietly.
Tulips line the sidewalk.__________________________________
______________________________ (n.)______________________
2) My English grade might go down the drain if I don’t do this homework.
_________ (v.)___________________________________________
Please drain the sink before you leave.______________________
(Lines indicate lines on your
notebook paper.)
Continue like this until you have TEN sentences total. Remember, you must HIGHLIGHT
(using a HIGHLIGHTER, not a marker, colored pencil, etc.) the word you used in each
sentence, and this highlighting MUST be finished in its ENTIRETY by the time the tardy bell
rings to begin class on the due date in order for you to earn full credit.