Vocabulary-Among the Hidden

Be a Word Nerd!
Vocabulary for
Among the Hidden
Word Nerd Directions:
For each term, discuss in your groups in order to
create a personal working definition. Use the
provided questions and pictures to guide your analysis.
Required for each term:
• Part of Speech
• Working definition
• Example Sentence
• Small illustration
1. Defiance- (noun)--daring or bold resistance to
authority or to any
opposing force.
How does this symbol show Katniss’s defiance?
2. Tentatively- (adv.)– doing something in a
way that is unsure, uncertain or hesitant
Why does this mouse need to take
the cheese tentatively?
3. Resolutely- (adv.)—doing something in a
way that shows determination, resolve and
How can you tell this squirrel faces
challenges resolutely?
4. Sanctuary- (noun)-- place where someone
or something is protected or given shelter
Why does the black and white cat
need a sanctuary?
5. Resignedly – (adv.)—to do something you
don’t want to do in a way that shows you are
giving up without resistance or are resigned
to doing it
How can you tell this child is eating her broccoli
6. Pristine – (adj.)--in perfect condition :
completely clean, fresh, neat, etc.
What makes this beach so pristine?
7. Dictator – (noun)--a person who rules a
country with total authority and often in a cruel
or brutal way
Which one of these cats is acting like a
dictator? How?
8. Beseech – (verb)--to beg someone for
something; to ask someone in a serious and
emotional way to do something
What is this dog beseeching his owner
9. Corrupt (adj)- showing a willingness to
act dishonestly in return for money or
personal gain
Why is it so important that government
officials are not corrupt?
10. Forbid – (verb)--to order (someone) not to do
something in a strong way or with authority
What does this sign forbid?
On the a separate paper
Individually, write a short narrative describing the events.
What is taking place? What happened? At the minimum, use
4-5 sentences.
Use as many of the vocabulary words as you can and
underline them: