Planning expectations - Downe Manor Primary School

Presentation Meeting
Year 5
Thursday 12th September 2013
Miss Chadha - Beech
Mrs Parmar – Sycamore
Teaching Assistants:
Mrs Daly
Miss McGillivary
Miss Manjdadria
PPA Cover
Miss Buton – French teacher
Mr Robson – PE Coach
A day at school
• Break times – 10:15 – 10:30am
• Lunchtime – 1 hour and 5 minutes
12:00 – 1:05pm
• PPA cover – different teachers. French and PE.
• Library/ICT weekly
• PE days (indoor/outdoor/swimming)
Novels and stories by significant children’s authors
Traditional stories, fables, myths, legends
Stories from other cultures
Older literature, Film narrative, Dramatic conventions
• Instructions
• Recounts
• Persuasive writing
• Classic/narrative poems
• Choral and performance
• Guided Reading
• Importance of reading regularly at home and
learning spellings.
• Reading records
• Library books
• Book bags
• Block A: Counting, partitioning and calculating:
• Block B: Securing number facts, understanding
• Block C: Handling data and measures
• Block D: Calculating, measuring and understanding
• Block E: Securing number facts, relationships and
Please see the hand-out which contains more details
on the objectives.
Foundation Subjects
Science – Keeping Healthy, Changing sounds
History – Victorian Britain
ICT – Graphical modelling, Analysing data
PSHE – We’re all stars, Be friendly, be wise
Music – Investigating rhythm and patterns
PE – Tag Rugby, Hockey, Dance and Gymnastics
RE – Sikhism, Spirituality through Art
French – Tell me a story, Our sporting lives
DT – Designing a musical instrument
Art – Objects and Meanings
Foundation Subjects
Science – Gases Around Us, Lifecycles
History – Vikings
Geography – Investigating Coasts
ICT – Evaluating Information, Introduction to spreadsheets
PSHE – Living long, living strong, Daring to be different
Music – Rounds
PE – Netball, Tennis, Swimming
RE – Initiation practices
French – Carnival of animals , What is the weather like?
DT – Moving Toys
Art – Containers
Foundation Subjects
Science – Changing State, The Earth and Beyond
Geography - Water
ICT – Controlling Devices, Monitoring environmental
PSHE – Dear Diary, Joining In and joining up
Music – Space Journey
PE – Athletics, Cricket, Dance and Gymnastics
RE – Islam, Seeds for unity
French – Healthy Eating, I am the music man
DT – Biscuits
Art – Talking Textiles
Homework completed in books
Reminder about reading, spellings, MLE and Mathletics.
General Reminders
• Please make sure that book bags are in school
every day
• Water bottles
• All school clothes and PE kits named (uniform
lists are on website)
• Call office if your child is absent.
• No holidays in term time