Presenting Your Budget

Presenting Your Budget
By Leo Isaac
Basic Rules
10 minute presentation
Use overheads rather than palm cards
Describe main features of your budget
Be prepared to answer questions
Sources of Income
Describe your main sources of income
Use a chart to indicate percentages
Justify by showing key data upon which
this income may depend:
Membership numbers
Opening hours
Fee Structure
Show the fee structure for membership
and participation
Justify the fee structure by showing the
overall profitability of the club,
association or business.
Provide and overview of the number of
employees in the organisation
Indicate the probable employment costs
of individuals
Show the total cost of employment as a
percentage of all costs.
Program Expenditure
Provide an overview of the main
programs and services.
Show how you have costed the main
Identify and explain the key data upon
which your program costing depends.
Identify the most significant overheads
apart from employment costs
Show a pie chart that gives a
breakdown in terms of percentage.
Overall Situation
Show overall profit situation
Provide some key points about overall