SLQ Org Chart @270212 - State Library of Queensland

SLQ Organisational Structure (27 February 2012)
Library Board of Queensland
Chairperson, Professor Emeritus
Roland Sussex OAM
2 x Advisory Groups:
Indigenous and Public Libraries
Audit and Risk Management Committee
Chief Executive Officer & State Librarian
Janette Wright
Queensland Library Foundation
President, Neil Roberts
Executive Manager, Communications
Cathy Stacey
Executive Director, Foundation Office
Kylie Strudwick
Executive Manager, People & Planning
Katherine Winlaw
A/Executive Manager, The Edge
Matt Fallon
Director, Client Services & Collections
Rory McLeod
Director, Public & Indigenous Library
Services Jane Cowell
Director, Corporate Services
Bruce MacGregor
Exec. Manager, Indig. Research & Projects
Tom Mosby
A/Exec. Manager, Literacy & Young People
Jodi Finucan
Exec. Mgr, Finance, Facilities & Admin.
Val Johnston
Exec. Manager, Learning & Participation
Linda Pitt
Exec. Manager, Public Library Development
Robert Barty
Manager, HR Consultancy
Vanessa McCormack
Executive Manager, Queensland Memory
Louise Denoon
Executive Manager, Regional Partnerships
Deb Stumm
Executive Manager, ICT Services
Dr Karin Walduck
Exec. Manager, Resource Management
Anna Raunik
Regional Director, SLQ Cairns
Terena Hopkins
Manager, Strategic Reporting
Kate Johnson
Executive Manager, Visitor Experience
Kellie Ireland
SLA with Corporate Administration Agency
(Includes Internal Audit)
Executive Group attendees (shaded blue) comprise: SL, DCSC, DPILS, DCS, EMC, EMPP, E MTE and EDQLF(observer)