What SimmScope is Not
 Not an AOI.
 Not a system that makes pass or fail calls
 Not a system that requires a high level (and highly
paid) programmer.
 Not a system that takes hours to program.
What SimmScope Is
 a Semi-automatic Optical Inspection (SOI) system.
 a tool for the Manual Inspector to make inspections
faster and more accurate.
 self documenting for traceability.
 a photo documentation tool.
 a fraction of the price of an AOI.
What are the Many Uses
 First Article Inspection
 Low volume 100% Inspection
 Assembly Line Auditing
 Pre-flow and Post-flow Applications
 Solder Joint Inspection
 Tall Thru-hole Component Inspection
 2D Solder Paste Inspection
 Cleanliness Inspection
 Conformal Coating Inspection
 Photo Documentation of Any Inspection
What SimmScope Does
 Automatically moves a live camera to the inspection
point with the correct height, viewing angle, and
lighting, and zooms to the region of interest.
 Displays a golden board image for visual comparison.
 For difficult inspection points, the lighting can be
adjusted using the graphical interface.
 The images are automatically captured and can be
stored as part of a post inspection report.
The Main Interface
Inspection by Component
Inspection by Matrix
Automatic Photo Archiving
Hybrid Image Creation
Image Tiling
Side View Inspection
UV Image Tiling
Spread Sheet Report
Current Options
Made in USA
RS Simmons Co.
Exton, PA
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