Julie Richards presentation

The preparation
A moving towards outstanding checklist for all areas
Team briefings
Data preparation
Schedule planning in particular for sub-contracted
Robust reporting and monitoring of all Key
Performance Indicators
Staff performance review, appraisals and one-to-ones
A relentless focus on learning, teaching and
assessment standards
Identification of key roles and responsibilities including
link personnel for the inspection team
The week before
The call
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Information requests from the lead inspector
Data preparation and submission
Self Assessment and Quality Improvement Plan –
positioning statement
Taking control of the situation
Preparing members of staff, briefings and
communication to students, staff and other
Setting up the base room
Preparing the presentation from the
Principal/Chief Executive
The week before
• Organising domestic arrangements for the
inspection team
• Reviewing the inspection team’s CVs and key areas
for inspection
• Last minute checks on health and safety and
safeguarding arrangements
• Appearing calm, organised and responsive at all
• Appropriate support and back up in place for the
nominee from all key departments and personnel
• Arranging ongoing feedback from the inspection
team to keep the nominee abreast of
Monday, 7 October 2013
The inspection team arrival
First impressions, organisation and communication
Planning the week and schedules
Link personnel – preparation, communication and
relationship building with the inspection team
Key meetings
Observation schedules including paired activity
finalised and agreed
Meetings with students and staff finalised and
Producing data efficiently, accurately and in a
timely manner
Ask questions
Pressure points and the role of the nominee
• Ensuring the nominee is extremely well
supported and organised for the feedback
meetings each day
• Be prepared for inspectors working out of scope
• As a leadership team remain calm, responsive
and supportive to all staff within the organisation
• Be prepared to challenge and present additional
evidence quickly and accurately
• Try to influence activities and point inspectors to
additional evidence and areas of good practice
• Provide, clear constructive feedback and actions
to key staff after each feedback meeting
Emerging themes and the focus of inspection
• A relentless focus on the standards of learning, teaching
and assessment
• Outcomes for learners and analysis of data was
completed by lunch time on the Tuesday
• An intense focus on paired observations and matching
grades with internal staff
• Maths and English
• Stretch and challenge
• Destination and progression
• Learner progress
• Performance management
• Support for students
• Strategic direction and leadership of the organisation
Emerging themes and the focus of inspection
• Accuracy of the Self Assessment is critical – constant
reference to the Self Assessment and grade profile
against the Common Inspection Framework
• Promotion of equality and diversity in lessons
The outcome
The college is a good provider because:
• Most learners complete their courses
successfully and make good progress. The large
majority of apprentices successfully achieve
their qualifications and most do so within the
planned timescale
• Teaching and learning are mostly good with a
significant proportion that is outstanding
• Most learners enjoy being at college, make
good progress in lessons and maintain high
standards of behaviour
The outcome
• Support for learners is very effective in helping
them to achieve their goals
• Particularly good information, advice and
guidance ensure learners are on the appropriate
• Senior managers and governors set a clear
strategic direction for the college and staff share
their ambition and high expectations
• Leaders and managers work well with
employers and external agencies to provide a
highly responsive curriculum to meet local and
regional needs
The outcome
• College leaders are highly successful in ensuring
that vocational education is very good and
most learners succeed
The outcome
The college is not yet an outstanding provider
• In a few lessons, the teaching is dull and
uninspiring; in these lessons, learners make
insufficient progress
• In a minority of lessons, across all provision, the
promotion of equality and diversity, effective
target setting and constructive feedback on
learners’ written work is inconsistent
• Learners on a minority of courses do not
progress sufficiently quickly in improving their
English and mathematics
The outcome
• The reviews of targets for staff, although well
linked to other processes, are not sufficiently
sharp and do not focus clearly on their
individual needs
The final day – Grading and feedback
• Lessons learned
o Accuracy of data
o Accuracy of Self Assessment and Quality
Improvement Plan
o Communication
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