RMI: Map

RMI: Health and Education
Project Development Plans
Current Situation
Infrastructure identified as a primary obstacle to
achieving overall objectives
Negative factors on infrastructure …eg
Geographical remoteness and poor access
Limited resources including funding, useable land
and availability of site utilities (eg water, power)
Historical backlog of maintenance
Lack of consistent physical standards for site
planning, building design and construction
Limited capacity for enforcing standards that exist
Continued …
These have resulted in:
Too many substandard, uncomfortable and unsafe
existing facilities
Too few facilities at many schools/health centres
Lack of schools/health centres in strategic
locations (eg no public high school on Ebeye)
Unreliable power and water provisions, especially
on Outer Islands
Beca Findings
Research and investigations at each school/health
centre in RMI confirm overall poor condition and
inadequacy of infrastructure
Detailed inventory of current facility conditions
and performance has been developed and assessed
to produce a maintenance plan
Site investigations and MOE/MOH discussions
have resulted in Project Development Plans
(PDP’s) for selected projects and building types
These are at a preliminary stage, needing RMI
feedback plus further information to finalise
Majuro Hospital
Ebeye Hospital Professional Housing
Outer Island Typical Health Centres and
Staff Housing
College of Marshall Islands
Gugeegue Campus
Majuro Campus
High Schools
Marshall Islands HS
Northern Islands HS
Jaluit HS
Laura HS
Elementary Schools
Rita ES
Uliga ES
Delap ES
Rairok ES
Outer Island Typical Classroom and Staff
Basis of PDP’s
National sector policies and priorities … eg
Long term sustainability of new facilities
Cost effectiveness, to minimise capital and
ongoing operating costs
Planning Directives … eg
Providing space for kindergarten facilities at
elementary schools
Providing expanded high school classroom
Continued …
Technical Standards … eg
Site planning for environmental sensitivity, space
efficiency, minimal excavation and erosion
Building design and construction for corrosion
resistance, natural ventilation, rainwater catchment
30:1 maximum student/classroom ratio
20’ x 30’ minimum standard classroom size
Site Planning
Long buildings across
the wind flow create
big wind shadows
Smaller buildings angled
to the wind give better
site wind flow
Building Ventilation
Typical existing
Trapped hot air
Air flow above people
Proposed ventilation
Extra room volume
Clerestorey light/air
Low sill height
Hot air ducts
Window/Vent Detail
Ventilation separated
from natural light
Air supply controlled
by plywood sliding
Rairok ES – Existing Plan
Existing Site
Site Layout
Site Ventilation
Proposed Site Plan