The Discovery Program: Circle Up

Activity Goals: Interpersonal
 “Checking In”
 Communicating honestly
 Learning and demonstrating conflict
resolution skills
 Active listening
 Treating others with dignity and respect
 Demonstrating leadership skills
 Offering support
Activity Goal: Intrapersonal
Treating self with dignity and respect
Demonstrating self-responsibility
Expressing empathy
Recognizing personal space
Taking risks
Activity Goals: Connections &
Establishing trust
Reinforcing positive classroom climate
and school culture
Creating rituals that enhance personal
growth and safety
Initiating the Circle-Up Activity
 Establish a tradition that honors everyone in
the circle.
 Create a special time and a safe
environment to conduct the circle up.
 Arrange all desks/chairs in a circle so that
everyone can see everyone else.
 Plan a beginning and ending ritual.
 After each student contributes to the circle
discussion, all participants respond with
Circle Up Norms and Expectations
Every participant must make a commitment
 maintain confidentiality and safety.
 speak from the heart.
 listen without judging.
 be “lean of expression”.
 practice spontaneity.
 speak only for themselves.
 treat everyone with dignity and respect.
 follow specific interaction norms.
Circle Up Discussion Protocol
State your name.
Identify a feeling or emotion you are
currently experiencing.
Identify where you are on a scale of 1 to
10, 1 indicating a bad day and 10
indicating a great day.
Respond to the prompt of the day.
Remember that everyone applauds after
each student speaks.
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