My GE S&SP - GE Healthcare

GE Savings and Security Program (S&SP)
• Invest 1% – 30%* of your pay, in any whole percentage, in any
combination of the various investment options currently available
• Choose to contribute on a pre-tax, Roth and/or after-tax basis
• Company matches 50% of your contributions up to the first 8% of pay
you save ($.50 for every $1.00 you save up to 8%; maximum match is
4% of pay)
• Company Retirement Contribution (CRC) is equal to 3% of pay*
• Choose a Target Retirement Date Fund or manage your own
investment mix
• Your contributions and Company match are vested immediately – you
have the right to your full balance when you leave the Company;
Company Retirement Contributions generally vest after three years
• Active employees who will be age 50 or older by December 31st of a
calendar year are eligible to enroll in S&SP Catch-Up contributions for
that year to save more pre-tax and/or Roth dollars (note: no company
match on catch-up contributions)
*certain restrictions may apply
For salary core/5a new hires after 1/1/2011 only
GE Benefits
S&SP Key Features
• Contribution amount – flexibility to increase or decrease savings rate
with each paycheck
• Manage your investment mix
• Change investment choices for future payroll contributions, company
match and CRC at any time
• Exchange your accumulated savings between investment choices –
can do 12 per quarter, can’t exchange into US Savings Bonds
• Rebalance your account or sign-up for Automatic Rebalancing
• Access S&SP loans – Can have two outstanding at any time
• Make in-service withdrawals*
• CRC available for distribution from S&SP account only after you leave
employment with GE; not available for loans, hardship or regular inservice withdrawals
• Participate in the GE Stock Fund Dividend Cash Payout Option
• View your account balance or generate an online statement at any time
GE S&SP Service Center 877-554-3777 or online – – My GE S&SP
For salary core/5a new hires after 1/1/2011 only
*certain restrictions may apply
GE Benefits
S&SP Investment Education and Tools
• - Learn about Target Retirement Date Funds
and all the S&SP investment options
• Investment Options - Plan Information and Documents, and Investment
Choices and Research
• See what your retirement income might be with the Retirement Quick
Check and Retirement Income Planner
• Check your investment mix with Portfolio Review
• Fidelity eLearning Workshops
• Access Fidelity’s investment education and tools
Online - Visit and click on S&SP, then My GE S&SP,
then GE S&SP, then Tools and Learning
Phone consultations - You can also arrange a phone consultation with
a Fidelity representative to help you get started; contact the GE S&SP
Service Center at 1-877-55-GESSP (1-877-554-3777) to learn more
Access pre-recorded S&SP retirement planning workshops online at
the MY GE S&SP Web site. Click on GE S&SP > Tools and Learning
> eLearning > On-Demand Workshops
For salary core/5a new hires after 1/1/2011 only
GE Benefits
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