Employee Communications - Larkspur Data Resources

April 2004
Mr. Jeff Brown
Prospective Client
PO Box 129
Anywhere, USA 11111
Employee Communications
Dear Jeff,
I doubt there is anything more critical to your Company’s success than employee
communications. You’ve established a retirement plan for the benefit of your employees;
you need to communicate the benefits of this plan to them. If for no other reason than to
increase productivity.
A motivated employee is a happy and productive employee. Don’t underestimate this
opportunity to increase productivity and meet your fiduciary responsibility by telling
your employees what their retirement plan will do for them.
We can put together an employee communications package that will satisfy the
requirements of your Company’s retirement plan, reduce your fiduciary liability and put
you in a favorable light in front of your employees.
We’re experts in employee communications. Call us today to create a customized
package to suit your needs.
Eugene A. Benson, Jr.