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Action…………………Belief………………Consequent reaction
Development of self in
Health, social and
Physical development and
Life Orientation seeks to provide students with the knowledge, skills,
attitudes and values necessary to cope appropriately with the
challenges they face, so that they can experience success in their own
lives and contribute meaningfully to their community.
All key outcomes are addressed in each of the grades, with
emphasis being placed as follows:
Gr 8: Who am I? Personal development and self-awareness
Gr 9: Subject choice issues and goal setting
Gr 10:
Epic and Exchange – personal development,
health issues and ethics
Gr 11:
Lifestyle choices: leadership, nutrition, risk
behaviour and addiction, job shadow and business etiquette
Gr 12:
Focus on life after school – establishing
meaningful relationships, career skills, personal mission
statements, management of stress, workplace skills, sports
adherence. Tertiary institutions.
Life Orientation addresses issues relating to a
wide variety of disciplines: philosophy,
psychology, human resource management, law,
sport science, politics, sociology, business ethics
and management studies....
It is not merely about coping, but also about
developing a personal framework and being
exposed to ideas beyond the more classroombased subjects.
It does involve the acquisition of life skills, but
more importantly, it helps a boy to define his
priorities and to make choices regarding the way
he wants to conduct his life - personally, on the
sports field and at work.
All potential applicants to UCT must
obtain at least 50% for this subject.
Many other local and overseas
universities pay attention to the mark,
or require the LO portfolio.
Currently the final mark is derived
from a portfolio of CASS based tasks,
and includes an externally set
examination in September
Being self-aware, honest, mature and open
Having the ability to reflect on one’s choices
and to express ideas clearly (English marks
are quite indicative of LO Marks in Matric)
Being organised and efficient about handing
in portfolio tasks on time
Participating and showing good
sportsmanship in physical education classes
Facilities for professional testing and training in the sport
science section
Career section in the library providing pamphlets and
Careers website
Annual career expo
Leadership programme
Epic and Exchange in grade ten
Mentorship programme - grade eight and Matric
Work shadow in grade eleven
BSU drug and alcohol programmes support LO curriculum
BSU Ed Psych evaluations
Specialized speakers from many career fields
For more insight and information, please look
at our LO webpage, the career e-books and
textbooks prescribed for your sons.
See also the careers webpage linked to the LO
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