Personal Learning Portfolio

Personal Learning Portfolio
Due date: Jan 31, 2014 in class time
You will create a portfolio that tells a story about you as a learner. Portfolios can
be used to deepen learning.
You can submit your portfolio as a word document, a Power Point presentation or
similar word processors.
You will need to utilize all topics covered so far when addressing the following
questions in the designated sections. Be sure to check teacher page on the
school website to find some material that I posted earlier in addition to other
sources available. Be sure to organize your portfolio to contain three main
sections (see the following slides) in which specific questions are answered in
essay format.
Topics to review
Study groups
Rehearsing for tests
Test taking strategies
Listening strategies
Note taking strategies
Study skills basics
Test anxiety
Learning preference
Sections to include
Section 1: Personal Strategies
Section 2: Learning and Personality Inventories
Section 3: Reflection
Questions for
Section 1-Personal Strategies
What strategies work best for me to learn effectively?
• Location and time preference/selection to study.
• How can you develop a positive attitude for a required subject that holds little personal
• What is the best time in a day and in a week for you to study effectively? Do you consider
making any changes if it is not working? If yes, why?
• How do you study for tests that require recall? Recognition?
• What techniques have you used to memorize so far?
• How do you monitor your learning?
• What do you do to listen better? To take good notes?
• What strategies do you use to prepare for tests/exams?
• How do you utilize/benefit from textbooks?
• How do you deal with/overcome test anxiety?
Questions for
Section 2-Learning and Personality Inventories
• What are my learning preferences?
• How do my learning preferences affect the way I learn?
• How does my personality affect my study efforts?
Questions for
Section 3-Reflection
What have I learned about myself? Why did I learn?
When have I learned? In what circumstances? Under what conditions?
How have I learned or not, and do I know what kind of learner I am?
How does what I have learned fit into a full, continual plan for learning?
What differences has learning made in my intellectual, personal, and ethical development?
Where, when, and how have I engaged in integrative learning? Has my learning been connected
and coherent?
Is my learning relevant, practical, applicable?
When, how, and why has my learning surprised me?
What have been the proudest highlights of my learning? My disappointments?
In what ways has my learning been valuable?
What difference has this portfolio made in my learning and planning for college?
Grading Rubric
1- Organization, grammar, punctuation- 20 pts
2- Addressing and answering the questions adequately and
meaningfully in their designated sections in a story format- 70 pts
3-Timeliness-10 pts
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