Present socio-economic status

Nepal Chitragupta Samaj
Socio-economic status of Kayasthas
and How to uplift it
Socio-economic status of Kayasthas
• Background information, historical background of
Kayasthas and origin in Nepal.
• Kayasthas – Nepali perspective
• Population distribution of Kayasthas
– Global scenario See Map of South Asia
– Population of Kayasthas in Nepal – See chart
• Concentration of Kayastha population: Some pictorial
• Janakpur Area.jpg
• Kapilbastu Area.jpg
• Nepalgunj Area.jpg
Socio-economic status of Kayasthas
• Present socio-economic status:
– Remote rural sector:
– Developing village sector:
– Township/ municipality area:
– Urban /Metropolitan area:
– International sector:
• Social stratification:
• Social integration:
Socio-economic status
Way forward
• Creating data base of Kayastha members and updating them for
• Establishing suitable organizations based on dis-aggregated data
and strengthening them
• Gap identification and exploration of opportunities
• Mobility of information for integration
• Different development programs for strengthening social norms
and cultural values in a changed context with harmony in the
• Refreshment programs and coordination for gradual
• Development and cooperation between all sectors of society at
national and international level