A Day in the Life of a Nepali 10-Year

A Day in the Life of a
Nepali 10-Year-Old
By Christina Witter
5th Grade Teacher in Northville, MI
Namaste! My name is Apar.
I am 10 years old. I live in Nepal.
Nepal is a small country in
Southeast Asia. It borders India
and China.
Nepal is most famous because it
has Mount Everest.
Nepal is very beautiful!
I live with my mom, dad, annoying
little sister, grandma, and grandpa.
We live in a big house in a
neighborhood called Simpani.
Simpani is in a city called Pokhara.
Pokhara is the second largest city in Nepal.
It is very beautiful because it has a lake
called Fewa Tal (“tal” means lake in Nepali)
and big mountains. That’s Fish Tail
mountain in the picture!
Everyday I wake up at 5:30 in the morning.
I eat a small breakfast of roti (bread) and
chiya (tea). Then I do my chores. Usually I
have to mop the floors. After I do my
chores, I finish my homework.
At 9:30, I eat my lunch of vegetables and
rice, and I then put on my uniform for school.
These are pictures of my kitchen where my
mom prepares my delicious food.
My school is very close to my house so I can
walk there, but many students have to ride
the bus. I go to school everyday except
Saturday. School starts at 10:00 with
Assembly. The whole school meets for 30
minutes to sing and do exercises.
I take lots of classes at school: science, drawing, English,
social studies, Nepali, and math. We also have a 15 minute
break for “tiffin” (that’s snack time). My classmates and I
always greet my teacher when she comes into our
classroom and when she leaves it.
When I get home from school at 4:15, I take off
my uniform and have another snack. After I work
on my homework, I can play football (soccer) with
the other boys in the neighborhood.
Dinnertime! I eat dinner with my family at 9:00. We always
have dhal bhat—that’s lentils over rice—and some
vegetables. When dinner is done, it’s time for bed!
Pheri Bhetula!
(That means I hope we meet again someday!)
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