Consumers & Creators
Helen Goss
what I do!
Help people find out what they want to communicate
Help them com it using multi media & new media
Show them how to publish it
Warn them of the repercussions
Show them the tools for safety online
Talk about responsibility
Explain the business concept behind ‘free services’
Demonstrate techniques to being found online, for spreading their message
Having fun, experimenting, teaching me!
MIT Lab May 2012 Mimi Ito
Cultural Anthropologist: She explores the ways in which digital media are
changing relationships, identities, and communities
“Don’t just celebrate that kids do
amazing things”
“The reality is that this is not scaling,
Institutions are having problems
getting to grips with these
systems shared social goals”
“Create good principals for good
participation online. Good use of
technology for having engaged,
participatory learning. Can we put
this forward in the world for
people to discover positive
6 years old
“what does meandering mean?”
“what does monotonous mean?”
8 yrs old
10 years old
15 years old
16 years old
23 years old
Empty suite of computers at Art College – Photoshop – digitising my art
Making it interactive Hypercard
Learned about the Internet on Paper
Taught ourselves webdesign
Glastonbury Technomadic demo
Worked on projects with Cyberia and WebMedia
‘Digital Natives’
Imagine this
You can no longer use the Internet
We have taken over the TV and Radio stations
We have disabled the phone networks
We have access to your Digital Dossiers and your
Personal Identification Information
We know everything about you
await our next instruction
Would you
help create the new world
or would you
be controlled?
What do we have in the room?
Reactions of the Young People
Some young people said they would pay
someone else to do the creating
Some were not interested at all creating
The geeks became heroes, understanding SOPA
and the anonymous movement
1/3 were receptive & wanted to learn more
Small but significant numbers wanted to learn
Working with disadvantaged
young people
Video disappearing effects
Host of a gameshow
Drummer in Digital Club
The Guardian Campaign for digital literacy
Howard Rheingold launches his book NET SMART
Nominet commissions a study
David Wilcox & Tim Davies report
Antony Mayfield talks about SuperSkills
Coding for kids is set up by Young Wired State
Rasberry Pi is launched
MIT’s SCRATCH is more widely used
Other projects gain momentum
Your personal development
What systems do you use
How much information do you give away
What would you create if you could program
How would you make your social networks more responsive to your needs
Is this relevant in your world
Your online persona (personal and professional)
Become an expert and share
Group list: How to engage Young People to create
Not just about the technology
Understanding your message and how you want to communicate it
Organising meaningful information
Creating a safe open space
Exchanging Skills
Collaborating to create
Motivating people to participate
Influencing policy
Pushing boundaries
Making it accessible
10 Challenges raised by the Nominet Study
• Blend online and offline
• Use games to engage
• Address the innovation gaps in the back-office
• Support young people to be creators, not consumers
• Encourage co-design/co-design with young people
• Consider the livelihoods of the future
• Use digital tools to enable peer-to-peer learning
• Use technology to personalise services
• Be network literate and create new connections
• Recognise the diversity of youth
Do you feel anything can be added?
What I would like to get from this week
with your help
thank you