Ryan D


By: Ryan Delgado

ELA period 5

Greg Heffley Rowley

Greg is a normal 13 year old boy who is a dynamic character and a protagonist. In this story

Greg starts out as a good kid, but as the book continues he starts to get in a lot of trouble. He can not take anymore and he is snowed in his house with his two brothers and his mom.

Rowley is the same age as Greg (13) and is a static character and also is a protagonist. In this story Rowley is with

Greg most of the time when Greg gets in to trouble or does something wrong.

Greg’s house

The story takes place in the months of

November and December. The setting is at Greg’s house and neighborhood. In the cold snowy winter, and also at Greg’s school.

Greg is always at the wrong place at the wrong time. In the story he was hanging posters outside of his school. It started to rain and the markers on the posters bled through the poster and was on the school wall, so he ran and the cops where chasing him.


Greg solved his problems by staying home because his family was snowed in the house. Eventually he turned him self in to the cops.


I predicted that

Greg was going to have a nice winter and stay out of trouble and not do any thing dumb.

My prediction was wrong because

Greg did not stay out of trouble and he was running from the police.

The theme for this story was everyone makes mistakes and you could always look back and move forward. That is the theme for this book.