Trevor W

Project By Trevor Whaley Pd.5
Greg is one of the main characters and is
a static protagonist. He is static because
he doesn’t change during the story. He
has a crush on a girl named Holly Hills. At
the end of the story, he finds out that she
called him “Fregley.” He gave up on her
after that and starting liking another girl.
Greg is in middle school and has brown
hair. Greg always hangs out with his best
friend Rowley.
Rodrick is a static antagonist and is one
of the main characters. He is static
because he is always up to trouble and
picks on his brother Greg. He plays in a
band called the “Loaded Diaper.” Rodrick
has brown hair and is in high school. He
hangs out with all of the bad boys.
The main setting of the story is Greg’s and
Rowley’s house. They are the main settings
because this is where most of the story
occurs. They play video games and have
The first conflict of this story happened when Greg’s dad
wanted to send Greg to Spag Union. Greg didn’t want to go
because they used one room for showers without walls. Also
because he would get teased and would be away from the
girl that he liked. This conflict was resolved when Greg saved
his dad from humiliating himself in front of the
neighborhood. In return Greg’s dad didn’t make him go to
Spag Union. The second conflict was when Greg couldn’t get
the girl that he liked to go out with him. Greg tried
everything but nothing worked. This conflict was resolved
when she called him “Fregley” to his face. Also, when he met
the new girl named Trista that lived in his neighborhood.
I predicted that Greg was going to give up on
his crush and find someone that was more in
his league. My prediction was correct
because he did meet some one new but not
really in his league. She was a new kid and
was popular at her old school.
The theme of this book is to never give up
and eventually something good will happen
to you.