Jaden*s Social Story

By Ms. McKinney
When we get to school, we sit in
the hallway quietly.
Arrival time
 We put our notebooks in the pink folder. Then we
hang our back packs up on the hook.
Morning Work
 We sit quietly and do our Morning work.
 We can earn a puzzle if we work quietly.
Bathroom time
 Then we get in line to go to the bathroom quietly.
 We stand hips and lips.
Reading Groups
 Then we go to reading groups. We sit at the table
quietly. Sometimes we do not go because we have
other activities.
Math time
 Then we go to our seats and do our math work.
Time to go to specials
 We line up quietly to go to specials. We go to music, art
and P.E.
Bathroom Break
 We come back to our class and take a restroom break.
Snack time
 Then we eat snack. When I follow directions, I can
earn eagle tickets, and fun Friday!
Snack basket
 We have to wait our turn to get our snack out of the
Circle time
 Then we have circle time and do our lessons. Then we
have learning centers. This day we were talking about
the sun. Sometimes we have fun visitors!
Clean Up Time
 We clean up centers and go to lunch. We stand quietly
in the line and walk to the cafeteria with hips and lips.
Playground fun
 We go to the playground.
Restroom Time
 Then we come back and go to the rest room.
Rest time
 We wake up and get packed up. We get our book bag
and belongings and sit on the carpet.
Rest time
 We put our heads down for quiet time.
Science and Social Studies
 We listen to a story or talk about science.
Dismissal Time
 We line up to get on the bus. We stay with our teacher
until it is time to get on the bus.
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