Classroom Management: Computer Rules and Procedures

Classroom Management: Computer Rules and Procedures
Miss O’Sullivan’ s P.E classroom
Computer Lab/Classroom Computer Rules:
Come to class with clean hands.
Operate the equipment properly, after you’ve been given your assignment.
Make sure you listen to directions.
Push your chair in when you are done.
Use your inside voice.
Touch the keyboard lightly.
Eat and drink outside the computer lab.
Remember to take your printouts with you.
Learn something new each time you come to the lab.
Always work toward your best, not your neighbors' best.
Be careful using the internet and follow the internet rules.
Internet Rules:
Only use the internet sites you have been assigned to use.
All computer use must have an educational basis. No game playing.
Use only the "safe surf" search engines posted on the bulletin board.
Access only teacher-bookmarked files.
Do not install any programs without the teacher's permission.
Only use the internet if you have been given permission from the teacher and your
7. If you do not have the signed consent form from your parent in the computer lab,
then you will not be able to use the internet.
Procedures for Computer Use In Lab/Classroom
1. Go to your assigned computer. In the classroom, go to your assigned computer
during your assigned time.
2. Stand at your station until you have been asked to sit down.
3. Sit quietly and do not touch the computer until you know what is expected of you.
If assignments have been given before individual computer time then please begin
once sitting down.
4. Never touch another student’s computer.
5. Respect the hardware and software.
6. Have all necessary applications open and active.
7. Read the instructions on the computer screen before asking for help.
8. Do not alter anything on the desktop or hard drive.
9. Store documents in network folders, not on the hard drive.
10. Report malfunctions and glitches -- it saves time and energy.
11. Take responsibility for your actions -- clean up your site.
13. Log-off -- leave the station ready for the next person to use (close all windows,
log-off, and push chair under desk).
14. Return all CD’s, disks, etc.
15. Collect all printouts.
16. Line up at the door quietly or go back to your seat in the classroom and sit down
directing attention to what is being taught at the time.
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