Kindergarten Classroom Procedures
We use classroom procedures to ensure our classroom operates smoothly on a daily basis and in order
to use the classroom time efficiently.
Classroom Arrival
School starts at 7:30 am. Your child’s regular and prompt attendance at school is crucial to his/her
success. Written excuses are required when your child is absent. If your child plans to eat breakfast,
please have him/her here before 7:30. At 7:30, students will enter the classroom; they will put their
colored folders in the basket and any other important information. They choose their lunch choice using
our lunch pocket chart. They hang their book bags on their hooks and sit at their desks with their
nametags. Students will begin morning work or walk and sit on the carpet to watch the morning show.
During direct instruction time (group time), students will raise their hands to ask permission to use the
restroom. Students are encouraged not to go to the bathroom during group time unless it is an
emergency. At other times during class, they are allowed to go to the restroom any time they need.
There will also be specific times when students will be asked to go to the restroom, such as before and
after lunch, before and after related arts, and before we go out to recess.
Independent work in centers is self-selected by students, except in the cases of teacher request or
behavior issues. All centers are limited to two to four students. Students will participate in the centers
quietly and politely. It is the student’s responsibility to clean-up the centers in the appropriate amount
of time. The teacher will give the students a 2 minute warning to let them know clean up time is
approaching. Following those 2 minutes, two “clean-up” songs will be played. When the songs are over,
all students should be sitting on the carpet unless directed otherwise.
Attention-Getting Signal
The teacher will say “one, two, three, eyes on me.” The students will stop whatever they are doing and
say “one, two, eyes on you” and look at the teacher.
Asking the teacher for help
Students are encouraged to ask questions whenever needed. Students should raise their hands quietly
when they would like to be recognized.
Group Time
During direct instruction (group time), students are not allowed to talk. They may raise their hand to ask
a question; however, the teacher may ask that they wait until the end of the lesson.
Getting Water
Students will be allowed to get water during individual work time, after recess and during center time.
Students will walk in an orderly, single file line without talking.
Students will walk on the right side of the hallway (second Square from the wall).
Students will keep hands and feet to themselves.
Students will raise their hand in case of an emergency.
Students will use equipment correctly.
Students will slide with only one person sliding at a time, and will sit feet first when sliding.
Students will stay out of standing water.
Students will not throw rocks, dirt, or other objects.
Students will not be allowed to tackle other students or engage in rough play.
Students will swing on their bottoms and may not jump out of swings.
Students will line up promptly when signaled that recess has ended.
Students will enter the classroom quietly.
Students will walk in line entering and leaving the cafeteria.
Students will enter their lunch numbers.
Students will sit facing their class.
Students will eat silently for the first 10 minutes of lunch (red cup is the silent signal).
Students will talk softly while in the cafeteria (green cup is the signal that students may
Students will use appropriate table manners.
Students will keep their hands to themselves while in line and at the table.
Due to food allergies…., students will not share food.
School ends at 2:30 pm. Students will pack up their green folders and agendas in their book bags. Please
check both daily for important information and homework. Please use the green folders for sending
notes and money to school. Money must be placed in an envelope and labeled with the child’s name
and purpose for the money. Please send correct change. All checks must include a phone number, the
teacher’s name, and the student’s name. Classwork will be sent home each Thursday. Please review and
remove your child’s work. Newsletters will be sent home weekly on Friday’s via email. If you do not have
an email address, please let me know, and you will be provided a paper copy. No student will be
dismissed between 2:00-2:30pm. Transportation changes must be noted in writing. Changes cannot be
made via email or phone call. Students who are not picked up by 2:50 pm will be sent to our after school
care (Be Great). The first time will be free, but after the first visit you will be charge $10.00 per hour.

Kindergarten classroom procedures