Pickering High School
The Class of 2018
Introduction To Guidance
What role does Guidance play at Pickering High School?
Transition from grade 8 to grade 9
Course selection information and guidance
Short term counseling and referrals
Post-secondary research and applications
Career planning
Timetabling and alternative education (summer school/night
• Student records and awards
• Commencement
Pickering High School At A Glance
School Structure – Our school year is divided into two semesters:
 Semester 1 (September – January)
 Semester 2 (February – June)
You will take FOUR courses per semester
 75 minute classes
 School start time – 8:30 am
 End time – 2:35 pm
 Lunch – 11:10 to 12:00 (50 minutes)
Projected enrollment = 2028 students/454 grade 9’s
Let’s take a look at…
Graduation Requirements
Courses & Option
What do you Need to Graduate
from High School?
Compulsory Courses
… are courses that you must pass to
Compulsory requirements change each
year of high school.
Ontario Secondary School
Diploma (OSSD) Requirements
• 4 credits
• 1 credit
• 3 credits
• 2 credits
• 1 credit
• 1 credit
• 1 credit
• 1 credit
• 1 credit
English (1 credit per grade)
French as a second language
Mathematics (at least 1 credit in grade 11 or 12)
Canadian History
Canadian Geography
Physical & Health Education
Civics and Career Education
 Plus the following 3 additional courses....
Ontario Secondary School
Diploma (OSSD) Requirements
1 additional credit selected from:
English, or French as a second language*, or Spanish, or Social Sciences and
Humanities, or Canadian and World Studies, or Guidance and Career Education,
or Co-operative education**
1 additional credit selected from:
Health & Physical Education, or The Arts (visual art, drama, music), or Business,
or French as a second language*, or Co- operative education**
1 additional credit selected from:
Science (Grade 11 or 12), or Technological Education, or Computer Studies, or
French as a second language*, or Co-operative education**
* a maximum of 2 French credits can count towards these additional credits
(one from group 1 and one from either group 2 or 3)
** a maximum of 2 Co-op credits can count towards these credits.
What compulsory courses must
you take in Grade 9?
• English
• Math
• Science
• Geography
• Phys. Ed
• French
… are courses that you choose.
•Dramatic Arts
•Exploring Family Studies
•Exploring Technologies
•Information and Communication Technology in Business
•Instrumental Music
•Latin - Level 1
•Visual Arts
•Vocal Music
Choosing the Appropriate Level
for Success!
Academic (D)
• Emphasis on THEORY.
• Works independently in a focused manner.
• Completes homework consistently and thoroughly.
• Recommend a minimum of 70% in Grade 8 courses.
• Select English courses in the academic stream if you are planning on
• Depending on the university program other academic courses may
be required (such as science and mathematics).
Choosing the Appropriate Level
for Success!
Applied (P)
• May need assistance to organize and complete homework regularly.
• Less homework assigned.
• Students planning to pursue postsecondary studies at COLLEGE or
pursue an APPRENTICEABLE TRADE should select courses in the
applied stream.
Choosing the Appropriate Level
for Success!
Locally Developed (L)
• Courses cover material and skills necessary for daily activities.
• For students who are not meeting expectations at their grade level.
Open (O)
• Designed to prepare students for further study in certain subjects
and enrich your education.
All subjects DO NOT have to be taken
at the same stream!
Selecting Courses and Streams
• Before selecting courses and/or streams, students must consider:
 Career goals
 Academic ability
 Work habits
• Talk to parents and teachers
• Read the Pickering High School Course Calendar on-line
• Grade 8 achievement of 70% WITHOUT modifications is
recommended for the academic stream
• Examine career goals, personal interests
• Academic strengths (university, college, or apprenticeship
Grade 9 On-line Course Selection –
Career Cruising
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to login
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Student View
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Student View
WARNING: This step
cannot be undone!
Compulsory Courses
Gifted: Look for the “G” in the code
French Immersion: Look for the “F” in
the code
Choosing Electives
Elective Courses
*We recommend students select an art
course in order to fulfill their
graduation requirement.
Hover over the blue dot for a
guidance alert.
Hover over the red dot
for important course
selection information.
Once you have submitted your course
selections, please print off a final copy of
your course selections.
Print Final
Must be signed by a
Parent/Guardian and
returned to your Grade 8
Homeroom Teacher
Due Date
Feb 21st
Important Dates
January 2014
•Grade 8 parents’ information session TBA
February 21, 2014
•On– line Course Selection Due
May 5-9, 2014
•Grade 8 tours
Make sure…
That you are eligible to
attend PHS.
Out of area students
cannot be accepted!
The End…